Property 2017-04-27

Hammerglass AB secures major order for Ghana

Hammerglass AB has won its biggest order so far from Africa. The exclusive residential area of Hoda Village in Accra, Ghana, has chosen to install 12 mm Hammerglass (heat-reducing) IR-panels in sliding partitions and side windows in a major residential area. The order is worth close on 3 million SEK and will be delivered during the second quarter.
– Together with our agent in Ghana we’ve been working on this project for over a year now, so it feels good to finally make it like this, says Hammerglass Export Manager Ingrid Timmermans. Security issues are high on the agenda in many African countries, and our products have been shown to work really well in the locations where they have been installed. In addition to our glass-clear panels we also offer green- or grey-tinted Hammerglass IR, which reduces solar heat radiation by about 50%, so as well as the customer getting an unbreakable glazing solution there’s also a marked reduction in the cooling requirements of the property in question.

Torbjörn Timmermans is Business Manager for Hammerglass Property, the property installation division of Hammerglass AB, and along with the local agent he has been in dialogue with local property owners, window suppliers and building firms in Ghana.
– It’s been very important for this project to have mutual understanding and close co-operation between the parties involved. As we’re going to make the order to specification here in Förslöv, everything has got to tally exactly – dimensions, mounting technology, transport solutions, customs clearance and local freight handling. As luck would have it, we’re beginning to acquire a bit of experience of ingenious export solutions – if you haven’t got that experience, it’s easy to suddenly find yourself in difficulties when you least expect it. In total, it will be a few tons of Hammerglass that are eventually shipped out, so it will take a little while to get through that with our production facilities.

In recent years, Hammerglass Property has really extended its reach on the export side and already has a number of prestige projects in Kuwait, England, Canada, the USA and Cyprus in the bag. Its investment in Canada and the USA is expected to show strong growth in the next few years, and at the moment a lot of money and effort are being expended on certification and local approvals in those countries.
–Where export solutions are concerned, we have learned to respect time horizons. It is not unusual for us to be working 2 or even 3 years on a project before it actually comes to fruition. We’re aware, though, that Sweden has a very strong brand, and that it inspires confidence when we can combine the appeal of our own brand with the fact that both production and product development all take place in Sweden. We’ve got a 4-man strong Engineering Department, and the fact we can produce ready-to-use, strength calculated solutions that are also drawn in 3D makes things a lot easier. It makes communication a lot simpler, and adds further weight to that sense of trustworthiness that we need to project as a small company operating in a global market, concludes Ingrid Timmermans.


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An everyday occurrence, or just a memory? When it comes to preventing vandalism, there is a big difference of opinion between the various public transport operators.
An everyday occurrence, or just a memory? When it comes to preventing vandalism, there is a big difference of opinion between the various public transport operators.
Infrastructure 2017-05-03

Unbreakable glass in bus shelters saves 10.000 € a month

For Andreas Mehlqvist, broken glass is just part of the daily scene. He is Bus Stop Manager for SL bus operator Nobina in Stockholm, and is responsible for over 4000 individual bus stops. He has also been Project Manager for a pilot project involving a changeover to unbreakable Hammerglass in around 20 of the bus shelters within Nobina’s Södertörn area.
– We selected those shelters that were most vulnerable and where we found we were replacing glass on an almost weekly basis. Since installing Hammerglass in September, we haven’t needed to change a single panel! We reckon we have saved upward of 100.000 SEK a month (10.000 €) on these 20 shelters alone – a really incredible figure!

Hammerglass is a specially coated polycarbonate – 300 times stronger than glass. In spite of the fact that the company behind the product, Hammerglass AB, has produced special mountings for fitting the panels into bus shelters, there have been problems in getting the product out onto the market.
– When big companies buy in toughened glass panels for bus shelters, the price is exceptionally low. Their Purchasing Managers are governed by the Public Procurement Act and are obliged to buy in at the lowest possible price – so they can keep strictly to their budgets. Any breakage and replacement that occurs comes under the operating budget, and that’s a matter for a different department, of course, says Ulf Bergström, speaking on behalf of the Hammerglass Infrastructure business division.

– Our panels are almost twice as expensive as toughened glass, so we do not get very far when we try to discuss these things. Unfortunately, the fact that they pay for themselves after the initial breakage is neither here nor there. We have tried to persuade most of the large public transport authorities, but their answer is always the same – we are too expensive, he continues. As a taxpayer, you get a bit fed up, of course, when these people just can’t manage to think outside the box. There is simply no co-ordination between purchasing and operations, otherwise they’d have fitted unbreakable glass in all the at-risk shelters. After SL accepted us as an alternative supplier, we are now extremely pleased with the initiative that Nobina has taken, and we hope more operators will follow suit.

Andreas Mehlqvist of Nobina was himself sceptical to begin with.
– Initially, we were afraid the panels would get plastered with graffiti, or else kicked out, but the really strong mountings from Hammerglass have meant the panels have remained firmly in place, and even where graffiti has been daubed over them it’s been easy to remove from the glossy surface, he says. We also thought that Hammerglass might burn, but that is clearly not the case. It is acrylic plastic that burns – Hammerglass doesn’t.

Andreas Mehlqvist further states that Nobina will ensure that more bus shelters are fitted with Hammerglass.
– It’s a lot less unpleasant for staff to clean up graffiti than to tramp around in broken glass carrying heavy sheets of glass. And in addition to the working environment and the cost saving, there’s also a third important factor that is at least as important, namely the fact that our customers can now wait for their buses in clean, undamaged bus shelters, says Anders Mehlquist, who believes several operators will follow Nobina’s initiative in protecting their bus shelters.
– So we are very pleased, and we will be happy for other operators to come and visit us on a study trip, he comments in conclusion.

All windows looking onto access balconies and all windows on the ground floor are fitted with unbreakable Hammerglass
All windows looking onto access balconies and all windows on the ground floor are fitted with unbreakable Hammerglass
Property 2017-04-01

Hammerglass protects housing residents

As homes in public housing programme from the 1960s and 1970s are being renovated at a cost of billions of  SEK, many property owners are taking the opportunity to improve security in their apartments. Stronger doors are being installed and unbreakable insulating glass is being fitted in the windows. Svenska Bostäder   is among those landlords investing most heavily to ensure their tenants feel safe in their everyday lives.
– The project has largely been shaped by the concerns of our tenants, says Mattias Karlsson, Project Manager and Customer Representative at Svenska Bostäder, a housing company owned by the City of Stockholm. A wish consistently expressed by tenants faced with the prospect of renovation was for the incorporation of solid, safe solutions. This was particularly evident among residents on the ground floor. And that is why we have chosen to fit Hammerglass in all windows in ground floor apartments. It is hugely important for us to know that our tenants feel safe and secure in their own homes.

Annelie Nordgren of Byggfab AB has been Project Manager/Construction Manager for renovation of the approximately 800 Svenska Bostäder apartments in Husby and Tensta.
– We have chosen to use Hammerglass insulated glazing in all apartments in the Molde area of Husby and the Skänninge area of Tensta, among other locations. Right from the start of this project we have tried really hard to ensure the residents feel more secure in their everyday life. This aim has influenced everything from the colour scheme to the choice of materials. There is an access balcony outside all these apartments, and so it is all too easy for someone to break the kitchen window and just hop inside.

To make sure the residents don’t notice any difference compared with normal glass, the architect has chosen to use Hammerglass as the middle pane in the triple glazed cassettes. Most window manufacturers offer window solutions of this type, although it is mainly SSC and Leiab that have acted as suppliers for the Svenska Bostäder renovation project.
– To begin with, the contractors who won the contract were sceptical about the more expensive solution with Hammerglass, but we stuck to our guns, and so eventually everything went really well, and we are extremely satisfied. There has even been an attempted break-in where the thief was unsuccessful in getting in through the window, so there is absolutely no doubt that it works, concludes Annelie.

Increasing sales to apartment blocks
Torbjörn Timmermans, Business Manager for Hammerglass Property Division, has witnessed over the last couple of years a marked and continuous rise in the sales of security glazing panels for both apartment blocks and ordinary detached houses.
– It is probably a combination of things – the fact we have succeeded in getting information out there about our products – and as far as I know we are the only company in the world that is supplying unbreakable insulating glass with a full insulation guarantee – and the fact that there actually is an increased need for protection against burglary and vandalism. We are seeing this trend particularly in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but in small towns, too, where there are repeated incidents of this sort, people are now choosing to design away the security problem. The panels are certified as conforming to class EN 356 P8B and weigh around 14 kg per square metre in the triple pane format. Corresponding protection with ordinary glass would weigh around 90 kg. The additional cost for a complete special project window using Hammerglass amounts to no more than about 30%, so if you are going to renovate in any case then the choice is not too difficult to make, says Torbjörn Timmermans.

Automotive 2017-02-20

Hammerglass AB receives record orders for Caterpillar

One of Scandinavia’s largest contractors and machinery hire companies -  the Norwegian firm Hæhre AS, with a fleet of over 800 construction machines – has ordered explosion-proof Hammerglass solutions for retrofitting to 41 of its Caterpillar diggers. The order comes from Caterpillar’s Norwegian retailer PON, and is one of the largest individual orders ever received by Hammerglass Automotive.
“For us, primarily, this order means a big breakthrough into the Norwegian market,” says Hammerglass MD Bengt Nilsson. “Every steel frame has an end customer price of around 4500 €, so the order helps to give us a very nice turnover in the first quarter. We’ve worked long and hard to reach out to our user base in Norway, and it now looks as if it’s finally come off. In December, we had an order to retrofit 14 diggers for a quarrying company, and on top of that a number of major contractors have also said they’ll be upgrading machine safety.” 

Swedish legislation
As early as 2010, the Swedish Work Environment Authority introduced legislation which required that those working in an environment where there is a risk of undetonated explosives, or of large rocks hitting the machine, should have adequate driver protection. As no such functional protection was available on the market at the time, Hammerglass AB became pioneers in the development work, both by actively contributing to the creation of new safety standards and by conducting extensive testing work resulting in lasting solutions.
“We’ve invested over 1.5 million € in product development of diggers and wheel loaders,” Bengt Nilsson tells us. “When you’re blasting, for instance, if 50 separate charges are detonated at the same time, it’s not uncommon for some of them to fail to go off, and then remain in piles of rocks as undetonated explosives. Experienced drivers learn how to recognise these ‘duds’, but if things go badly wrong there can be up to 3 kg TNT going off 3 metres in front of the cab. It was accidents like this that cost the lives of two drivers in Norway in 2016, which is why the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority has now begun to get to grips with this issue. Just as in Sweden, there are now demands for the Norwegian authorities to come up with more stringent legislation compelling firms to create a safer work environment for their drivers.”

The solution
Hammerglass explosion-tested solutions consist of a sturdy steel frame which is bolted firmly to the driver’s cab – a so-called RABS frame. Fitted in the RABS frame is a 12 mm Hammerglass screen, which will cope with the force of a resulting pressure wave and any projectile large rocks if an explosion should occur. To protect the screen against the constant barrage of rock fragments and gravel caused by quarrying with hydraulic hammers, a 4 mm Hammerglass sacrificial screen is mounted in front the main screen. This solution has become more or less standard practice in tougher working environments in Sweden, and is now on the way to achieving the same status in Norway. The system has also been tested in the so-called FOPS class, and therefore replaces the grille with which many machines are equipped.