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Business areas

Hammerglass provides appropriate protection in all environments where there is a risk of glass breakage. The company´s activities cover three business areas: Infrastructure, Property and Automotive.


Permanent unbreakable glazing solutions for the modern built environment. The low weight and hard surface of the material makes Hammerglass a popular choice for both new projects and the replacement of existing glass. The estimated service life is more than 40 years. Noise barriers, bus shelters, roof and wall solutions for travel centres, pedestrian and cycle tunnels as well as bridges are some examples of our infrastructure projects.

Hammerglass PROPERTY

The focus is on window and door solutions to prevent burglary and vandalism, and to protect against gunfire and explosion. A complete system of unbreakable panels for newbuild, glass replacement and secondary glazing.

Hammerglass AUTOMOTIVE

Unbreakable screens for all types of construction machinery, with the focus on a safer driver environment. Our solutions contribute to increased personal protection and a reduced risk of unplanned downtime. Hammerglass is available as replacement screens for the most commonly occurring machines. Explosion tested screens in patented systems.