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Returns & Refunds

Returns Policy

Hammerglass AB will accept the return of ordered goods on the following conditions:

  • Any proposed return must be notified to – and authorised by – Hammerglass AB Orders Department before the item is dispatched.
  • Items which are specially made to order will not be taken back.
  • The returned item must be re-saleable as a brand-new product to a new customer. It must not have been used, damaged, scratched or in any other way subjected to wear and tear.
  • The original protective film must still be on the screen.
  • The item must be returned in its original packaging to ensure that it is received undamaged by Hammerglass AB.

Provided that the above conditions are fulfilled, Hammerglass AB will refund 75% of the value of the item. Return carriage costs are to be paid by the customer.

Quality Assessment and Complaints

Excerpt from Quality Assessment and Complaints Handling 5. Special provisions relating to Hammerglass Automotive.
For full warranty conditions see Quality Assessment and Complaints Handling »

5.1. Driver’s cab

The cab side screens are subject to the same assessment criteria as those specified in the general terms and conditions for warranties and complaints. For the windscreen, where special regard must be given to the driver’s need for good visibility, the dioptre value of the screen should not exceed 0.07, and the viewing distance for point defects and surface defects should be 1 metre (instead of 3 metres).

5.2. Physical defects in screens

Hammerglass® is a specially coated polycarbonate. When Hammerglass sheets are extruded, small defects or irregularities may arise. Affected sheets have to be separated out during the quality control process that sheets must undergo. Should defects nevertheless be found which are so intrusive that the screen cannot be used, Hammerglass AB will replace the product with a new screen. The complaint should be submitted via the dealer’s service workshop. As well as providing a photo and description of the defect itself, the complainant should specify the production number of the screen to assist traceability.

5.3. Accuracy of fit of frames and screens

Hammerglass automotive products are designated on the basis of available model identifiers obtained from manufacturers, machine importers, service workshops and the like. All automotive products have been trial-fitted on actual machines where fit, tightness and installation procedure have been checked. In certain cases, however, there are machines with special cabs or other modifications which differ from the models on which trial fitting has taken place – even though the machine in question has the same model identifier as the standard model. We do not accept any liability for how well our products fit model variants on which the products have not been trial-fitted. Nor can we accept costs for adaptation or special solutions if our products are used on model variants that we are not aware of.

5.4. Glued screens

Screens which have to be glued in place are provided with a black outer edge (masking). Every screen is accompanied by precise installation instructions. If a screen should come loose from the cab this will have been caused by a failure to comply with the installation instructions and is not regarded as a warranty issue. The only exception is if the black masking becomes detached from the screen. In this case Hammerglass AB will pay for a new screen, together with carriage to the desired address.

5.5. Sacrificial film

The sacrificial film is designed to protect the Hammerglass screen against wear and tear by the windscreen wipers in gritty environments. If the film/screen is hit by stone chippings it is likely that a hole will be made in the film and that small accumulations of water will occur where the film has been punctured. This is not a warranty issue.
The sacrificial film has an adhesive layer consisting of millions of adhesive bubbles. When fitting a new film, it is of the utmost importance for the film scraper to be used with sufficient force to ensure that the adhesive bubbles burst and thereby create adhesion. It is not enough simply to scrape away the water between the film and the screen.
In those cases where the screens are supplied with a sacrificial film direct from our factory, care must be exercised when installing to ensure that the screen is not bent or twisted, which could cause the film to become detached. The sacrificial film has been trial-fitted on hundreds of machines with excellent results. Should the film become detached from the screen this will probably be the result of incorrect handling on installation of the screen and is not a warranty issue.

For full warranty conditions see Quality Assessment and Complaints Handling »