Frequently asked questions about Automotive screens

Hammerglass AUTOMOTIVE has a wide range of screens with a focus on a safer driver environment. Here we answer the most common questions about our products. Feel free to contact us if you do not find an answer to your specific question.


What is Hammerglass®?

Hammerglass® is a durable and optically clear polycarbonate sheet, 300 times stronger than glass – and virtually unbreakable. Hammerglass screens are coated with a hard layer of silicon oxide which protects against scratches and wear and tear. The surface coating also provides 99.96% UV protection, which prevents Hammerglass screens from clouding or becoming discoloured over time. Hammerglass does not contribute to the spread of flames in case of fire.

How good is the optical quality of Hammerglass®?

A 12-millimeter Hammerglass window has the same high level of optical quality as windows in helicopters and aircrafts.

What is the heat reduction with Hammerglass IR?

Hammerglass IR (Infra Red) removes 45-55% of the incoming solar heat.

How to get rid of static electricity?

Static electricity on Hammerglass windows disappears if the windows are washed with water with a little rinse aid (ordinary washing machine rinse aid).

How to order Hammerglass?

Sales are made through resellers, our web shop or Hammerglass AB directly. We are happy to answer questions, and actively participate in the product development of new solutions.


What is RABS?

RABS are abbreviations for the European standards

  • R43 (UN ECE R43)
  • AXE (EN 356 P8B)
  • BLAST (EN 13123-2 EXR2)
  • STONE (EN 15152-2, 450 km/h)

The RABS designation for vehicle screens, indicates that the screens satisfy requirements relating to personal protection during work involving a risk of encounters with undetonated explosives and falling rocks, and during quarrying activity.

What is Hammerglass RABS?

Hammerglass RABS is a protection against explosives for excavators and wheel loaders, consisting of 12 mm Hammerglass in a sturdy RABS approved steel frame and a 4 mm replaceable ScreenSaver screen.

Does Hammerglass RABS provide the same protection as front window metal guards?

The RABS frame has been tested and approved in the same way as cabin protective grilles (FOPS-test ISO EN 3449:2005 Level II). There is no need for additional grilles, not even in the toughest environments.

Does Hammerglass RABS work with windscreen wipers?

Longer original window wipers work well together with Hammerglass RABS. For machines with a short original window wiper, the RABS frame has been equipped with a special wiper package from Hammerglass.


What is Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective screen?

Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective screen in 4 mm Hammerglass protects the sturdier 12 mm Hammerglass screen in the RABS-frame against damage by stone chippings etc. The ScreenSaver screen is fitted to the RABS-frame with a clamp frame, and is easy to replace. The ScreenSaver screen is a pure wear product.

How is condensation avoided when changing the Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective screen?

When changing the ScreenSaver screen, the absorbent strip also must be replaced. If this is not done, there is a risk of condensation because the air that is trapped between the screens contains moisture.

What is Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective film?

The ScreenSaver protective film is a self-healing scratch-protective film that can be placed on the Hammerglass screen to protect against wear from windscreen wipers in sand-filled environments. The ScreenSaver film extends the life of the Hammerglass screen. When the film is worn, it is easily replaced with a new film.

Does the Hammerglass ScreenSaver film work when hammering rocks?

A ScreenSaver film does not work when hammering rocks. The stone chips will punch holes in the film, and small water-filled bubbles will form inside the ScreenSaver film. When hammering rocks, we recommend a RABS frame with Hammerglass and a ScreenSaver protective screen.


What is Protection Class 1?

The original front window and/or the side windows of a wheel loader, excavator, tractor etc. are replaced with 8 mm Hammerglass screens, which are fitted in the same way as the original screens.

What is Protection Class 2?

All original screens are replaced with 8 mm or 12 mm Hammerglass screens, which are fitted in the same way as the original screens.

What is Protection Class 3?

Hammerglass Protection Class 3 means all screens are replaced with 12 mm Hammerglass screens. In addition the front window is fitted in an explosion tested steel frame (RABS approved). All class 3 packages have an evacuation solution.;

Are there escape windows in Protection Class 3?

All Hammerglass class 3 packages comes with an evacuation solution.

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