Replacement screens and explosion tested solutions for increased safety

Hammerglass Automotive safety screens and explosion-tested solutions for increased driver safety

What is Hammerglass®?

Hammerglass® is the new generation of high performance glass in nano surface-treated polycarbonate. A durable and wear-resistant polycarbonate sheet, 300 times stronger than glass and virtually unbreakable. Hammerglass screens are coated with a thin film of silicon oxide, which protects against scratches and wear and tear. Nanotechnological surface treatment renders Hammerglass resistant to most chemicals, and helps to prevent pollutants from exhaust fumes, oil and asphalt from adhering to Hammerglass as easily as to ordinary glass. The surface treatment also provides 99.96% UV protection, which means the material will not cloud, discolour or undergo any other change in optical quality over time.  Hammerglass does not contribute to spreading flames in the event of fire. With its array of positive features, and half the weight of conventional glass, Hammerglass is an excellent choice both for new installation and glass replacement in construction machinery. 

Hammerglass AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and can apply PPAP in all processes.
Our structural engineering department will be at OEM’s disposal providing its expertise.

Hammerglass is member of the following associations:

hammerglass eda european demolition association        hammerglass da deutscher abbruchverband
hammerglass me maskinentreprenörerna
hammerglass sace swedish association for construction equipment       hammerglass vdbum verband baubranche umwelt maschinentechnik
hammerglass cece committee for european construction equipment      hammerglass bef bergsprängnings entreprenörernas förening
hammerglass sis svenska institutet för standarder
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