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Published 2022-11-14


Driver safety should be as important as electrification and environmental friendliness!

We exhibited at Bauma in Munich with a crystal-clear message regarding driver safety and we took a big step forward in our journey of driving the change. Safe cabin environments must be part of the discussions of how the industry should meet the future.

We had the benefit of exhibiting along with the Swiss Menzi Muck, whose show did not look like any other on the fair ground and where our RABS solution finished it all with a heavy hammerblow. Watch the show below! 

Furthermore, we probably had one of the most mentioned and unusual centerpieces – a cabin with a damaged Hammerglass screen and a gigantic custom-made fake rock. The fake rock had to act stand-in for the real stone that weighed 10 tons, that earlier this year caused the damage of the cabin.

To see a cabin that has been through a real accident became an eye opener for a lot of visitors, where the importance of choosing the right safety screen became unusually clear: a weaker screen than Hammerglass would, in this case, not have made it and the driver would have been severely injured or, in worst case, he would not have survived.

If you look at it from our perspective, it stood clear that the screen that at first glance seemed weak, actually was the strongest at the entire fair.

What was the interest like for driver safety?

– We met people from all kinds of areas – from drivers to construction company owners to design managers of the big OEM:s – and once they understood our safety concept they were very interested in learning more about driver safety. The awareness of our solutions was quite low but when we mentioned all the advantages compared to regular glass, they were very interested. I believe that the lack of knowledge partly is because of the industry is not talking about driver safety as much as they think they do. We know that the big organizations that are working with safety at the workplace need to be more active in order to pursue the question of driver safety in the industry.

– Today everyone is talking about electrification and environmental friendliness – both are extremely important questions for the future. However, safety can’t be forgotten. This question should be equally important, says Florian Lauterbach, business area manager at Hammerglass Automotive.

What kind of impact do you think we made?

– I think that Bauma was the next step to put Hammerglass on the international map. In Scandinavia, we are already an established brand and standard. I can’t remember a single visitor at the fair that I talked to, that was not interested in our products or had some sort of “OK!” effect. Overall, we made a good and hopefully lasting impression – though it is a bit concerning that on a fair with over 3 500 exhibitors, we were the only one that focused on the importance of driver safe solutions for construction machine cabins.

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