hammerglass ref bro ludvika 01 2800x600

Pedestrian bridge over railway


Blue shimmering bridge at railway station

Hammerglass AB played an active role right from the construction stage in order to ensure correct installation and design. We were also actively involved in Tyréns’ work to satisfy the customer’s requirement of light effects: “The bridge shall be transparent and at night the panels shall be illuminated in blue light”.

The solution was 130 panels screen-printed with a blue grid pattern. The top edges of the Hammerglass panels were polished, and LED lighting was installed above these.

To ensure a perfect fit, all dimensions were taken after BSM had finished constructing the structure’s 8 sections. The panels were fitted into the bridge sections in the factory. Each section was then lifted onto the 250 meter-long bridge using a crane.


Hammerglass Clear 12 mm

Screen printing

LED lights


BSM Borlänge

General contractor
AEB Anläggningsentreprenad AB

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