Bulletproof lightweight solutions in protection class BR4-NS and BR6-NS

Bullet-proof products

In an ever more violent world where gunfire, terrorist attacks, vandalism and burglary are becoming part of everyday life, the need for advanced protection products is increasing. Hammerglass ballistic protection comprises unique, lightweight bullet-resistant solutions in the higher protection classes BR4-NS and BR6-NS (No Splinter), where laminated glass sheets are combined with a Hammerglass sheet to provide the lowest possible weight and thickness. With our years of experience and extensive knowledge we are actively developing personal protection means for high-risk targets within national and local authorities and industry and commerce, as well as for the private citizen. Our splinter-free solutions are extremely suitable for the protection of premises where threats may arise: Foreign embassies, national and local government offices, banks, media companies, VIP-residences, military establishments, nuclear power stations etc.

Same protection – Lower thickness - Lower weight

Bulletproof or bullet-resistant glass is available in a variety of thicknesses depending on the required level of protection. Hammerglass ballistic glass solutuions comprises a number of glass sheets laminated together with a Hammerglass sheet. This splinter-free solution is thinner and weighs considerably less than comparable glass-only solutions, and this proves a great advantage in many situations – not least where sliding and swing doors are involved.

A BR6-NS glazing solution comprising glass alone is 63 mm thick and weighs close to 160 kg/m². By using Hammerglass in the package, the thickness is reduced to 39 mm and the weight to 90 kg/m². Mounting in Hammerglass stainless steel bullet-proof reinforced partitions (Security Classes FB4 and FB6, EN 1522) provides complete protection against ballistic attacks. The ballistic resistance relates to both the glass and the accompanying frame.

hammerglass bullet proof

Classification of bullet-proof glass

Ballistic resistant glass is certified in accordance with European Standard EN 1063. The various levels of protection are indicated by classes BR1 to BR7, where BR1 is the lowest protection class and BR7 the highest. The most common protection classes are BR4 and BR6. The ballistic glass solutions from Hammerglass are tested by Beschussamt Ulm in Germany, and certified as compliant with protection classes BR4-NS and BR6-NS.



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How to choose the correct security level

BR4-NS Handgun .44 Magnum 5 m 440 m/s 3 47 mm - 118 kg/m² HmG BR4NS
23 mm - 54,0 kg/m²
BR6-NS Rifle 7.62x51 mm 10 m 830 m/s 3 63 mm - 159 kg/m² HmG BR6NS
39 mm - 90,0 kg/m²
BR1 The lowest ballistic protection class where a stronger glazing panel is tested with a light weapon caliber .22 LR. To pass the test, the panel must withstand 3 shots fired from a distance of 10 metres.
BR4 Ballistic protection class according to which the glazing panel is tested with a .44 Magnum revolver. To pass the test, the panel must withstand 3 shots fired from a distance of 5 metres.
BR6 Higher ballistic protection class where a stronger glazing panel is tested with a high-speed weapon (automatic carbine) and 7.62x51 NATO ammunition (also known as .308 Winchester). To pass the test, the panel must withstand 3 shots fired from a distance of 10 metres.
NS The glazing panel meets the NS (No Splinter) class requirements if the inner glass layer is not broken in the test. NS classification means that no glass splinters or fragments enter the protected space in the event of gunfire.

Ask for our advice when planning

You are welcome to contact us early, at the initial planning stage! We can provide you complete solutions with customized ballistic steel systems for window and door applications - a comprehensive turnkey solution including confidential risk analysis and security needs assessment. Ballistic-resistant glass is never a stock line but is manufactured to the precise dimensions for each individual order. This means you should calculate with a delivery period of around 8 weeks.