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Reinforced protection for EMERGENCY VEHICLES



Hammerglass provides protection against both stone-throwing and Molotow cocktails – potential hazards that have unfortunately have become part of the daily routine for personnel in emergency vehicles. Hammerglass screens are produced in thicknesses to suit customer requirements and can be supplied both as flat and thermoformed screens. We provide ECE R43-certified solutions for all of a vehicle’s windows, which means that the vehicle does not need a special exemption for the use of polycarbonate in the windscreen.


The difference between life and death - every gram counts 

Given that it is considerably lighter than normal auto glass, the choice of Hammerglass for vehicle windows can be of live-critical importance. When it comes to saving lives, it is important to have precisely the right medical equipment on board. Hammerglass keeps down the weight of the vehicle, which allows additional healthcare equipment to be carried while at the same time providing a vandal-proof solution which avoids the menace of broken glass. In Sweden and Norway there are over 300 ambulances on the road with unbreakable Hammerglass fitted in the windows.


The Hammerglass panels are usually delivered in a privacy-protective black-toned version for mounting in the ambulance's rear and side windows. The glasses are fully glued in for maximum safety.


  • Half the weight of glass
  • Allows additional healthcare equipment to be carried
  • Vandal-proof

VLPK - Increased protection for high-risk vehicles

International experience from riots and disturbances shows that police who travel in police vehicles in certain situations can run the risk of being injured or killed. In a typical scenario, the vehicle is surrounded by hooligans. Petrol bombs are thrown, after which the police leave the vehicle and are then forced to confront the waiting mob.


With the Hutchinson Vehicle Light Protection Kit (VLPK) a vehicle can burn for up to an hour without serious effect, it can drive on with slashed or burst tyres, and the screens can withstand an onslaught of stones, road signs and the like which may be used as weapons.


The target groups for the Vehicle Light Protection Kit are primarily police forces, the defence industry and embassies – but also persons with special protection needs, for whom armoured vehicles weighing several tons cannot be justified.


Hutchinson first performed an impact test on Hammerglass. After that, ignition fluid was sprayed over the car which was then set on fire. The result? The window stood up to the blows and self-extinguished when the fuel burned out.


Thanks to the unique cooperation which we at Hammerglass enjoy with Hutchinson Germany we are able to equip vehicles with Vehicle Light Protection Kit:


  • Unbreakable Hammerglass windows
  • Run-flat tyres
  • No-burn paint
  • Automatic fire extinguishing equipment on top of and beneath vehicle

For vehicles facing an abnormally high threat level, Hammerglass Ballistic Protection is available in protection classes BR4-NS (23 mm) and BR6-NS (39 mm) in accordance with standard EN 1063.

Hammerglass AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and applies PPAP in all processes. Our structural engineering department will be at OEM’s disposal providing its expertise.