hammerglass swedish fair maskinmassan 2022 01 1300x400-8

Good signals of a high level of safety

The Swedish fair Maskinmässan started with heavy rain but ended with sun – in both senses for us, because we discovered that many of the exhibited machines were already equipped with Hammerglass.

After two years of pandemic, we had a long-awaited fair experience which presented golden opportunities to talk directly with machine operators and decision-makers and get insight into their thoughts on safety. To our great delight, we also saw that many exhibitors chose to show machines with Hammerglass installed in their cab. Great proof that our promotion of safety thinking based on different situations starts to make an impact!

Of course, we received many questions about why we exhibited a cab with a broken front window and how this could be viewed in a positive light for Hammerglass. The answer was simple: The screen has managed to withstand a ten-tonne rock colossus during a collapse in one of Scandinavian Stone's quarries and thus saved the life of a machine operator. In our opinion, such a screen deserves a front-row seat, and the damage it received only shows how enormously strong it is.

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Our simple sledgehammer test was also appreciated by the visitors. Here is a repeat:

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