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In the autumn of 2017 the Båstad local authority was the first in Scania (Skåne) to introduce the ‘Swedish High School Apprentice’ programme – a high school apprenticeship with pay from the first year of high school onwards. We now have students who spend half their time reading high school subjects and half their time with us.

This apprenticeship programme is structured in such a way that the pupil spends half the time in school and half the time within a company. The apprenticeship programme involves apprenticed students and is aimed at students who have qualified in elementary school for the national programme at high school – and at newly arrived migrants who are not qualified but are allowed to undergo vocational training. The programme offers opportunities for trade and industry, local authorities and schools to encourage young people into employment. The apprenticeship places also provide excellent opportunities for newly arrived migrants in Sweden to integrate quickly and enter the labour market while learning the Swedish language.