hammerglass rabs italien 1300x400-8

"The word about Hammerglass will be spread as soon as the driver notices the difference."

The first Italian machine with Hammerglass RABS is up and running!

We are proud to present the first Italian Hitachi machine with our RABS system installed. This cabin is the safest possible for the driver and we wish them some safe and happy working days in Udine, north of Italy.

Roberto Agostoni is representing Hammerglass in south of Europe:

What is the word about driver safety now? Is there an increasing interest in alternatives other than glass and grid?
– It always takes time to introduce something new, a lot of people are used to only use grid as an extra safety, but I am confident that our solutions eventually will be the given default choice for the work that this Hitachi machine will perform, which is heavy work in the woods. After some months, the machine owner will notice the difference. The word-of-mouth effect will take place and in the end it is the customer satisfactory that will be the best marketing for Hammerglass.

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