Meet our new CEO, Nicholas Németh!

Published 2023-05-23

Welcome to Hammerglass, how does it feel to be here?

– It feels really good. I have only met nice and warm people since I came to Förslöv. It will be interesting to get to know everyone along the way.


Why did the CEO position attract you?

– Hammerglass is an exciting company that has had a strong growth during the past few years and I am here to take this expansion even further. Also, I will examine which markets to invest in, while consolidating our position in Sweden and Scandinavia.


What do you think about the material Hammerglass?

– The strength and the durability are unbelievable, and it is indeed the features of the material that have made it possible to create all the products that Hammerglass stand for – everything from noise barriers to safety windows and screens for construction machines. It is something to be proud of and we will continue this journey that is started, to make the society safer for people in different situations and different environments. The safety and security are the main themes in everything that is created here.

hammerglass vd nicholas nemeth

What makes you a good leader?

– I am a listener. I give of my advice and of the information or knowledge that I have. I am clear with my goals and ambitions, I follow up and provide feedback. I work a lot with team spirit from the world of sports, we build strength together and it needs a strong leader to keep it all together. For me it is important that everyone feel that they are involved. No matter which role you possess, you should always feel like you contribute and that we are working towards the same goal. If you succeed with that you can go far.

– Furthermore, I am confident in myself and enjoy trying new things. I have a career of twenty years from Assa Abloy behind me and have had a rewarding and educational journey within that company. I had the privilege of growing into this kind of role with the best possible role model in my former boss.

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