Movie library where Hammerglass is put through tough tests to ensure the safety of the driver.



Hammerglass RABS-frames tested at RISE Testing Facility in Borås, Sweden, June 2021.


Hammerglass VS Laminated glass

22 mm explosion and bulletproof laminated glass meets 12 mm Hammerglass screen + 4 mm Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective screen.



Hammerglass in blast test

12 mm Hammerglass in steel frame
withstands 3 kg TNT at 3 meters range.


Durability test  

Watch us give a machine-cab dressed in Hammerglass a serious pounding with bats and sledgehammers. How do you think it will turn out?


Test of ScreenSaver protective film

Introduction and test of Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective film.


RABS installation

How to mount a Hammerglass RABS frame on a cab.