hammerglass myter 1300x400-8

"It is plastic like any other, isn't it? Or?"

6 MYTHS about Hammerglass – which it is time to shatter.

We fully understand that old knowledge can persist. But when it is no longer true and also thwarts a good and safe result, we gladly wave the teacher's stick and sort out the misunderstandings. Hammerglass differs in many important aspects from "ordinary" PC and other materials. These are the most persistent myths we encounter:


1. Hammerglass turns yellow with time.

NO. Hammerglass does not turn yellow. The early polycarbonates did that and there are still polycarbonate variants that turn yellow after a while. Hammerglass should not be compared to “regular” polycarbonate. Hammerglass is hard-coated, almost unbreakable and has a nanotechnological surface of smooth silicon oxide that provides UV protection of 99.96%. 

2. Hammerglass becomes cloudy when cleaned.

NO. Thanks to its smooth surface, graffiti can be wiped off with regular detergent and the Hammerglass surface remains transparent and optically clear.

3. Hammerglass burns.

NO. Hammerglass self-extinguishes when ignited.

4. Hammerglass can be compared to plexiglass.

NO. The term plexiglass refers to most “plastic sheets in general”, which in itself is wrong because Plexiglas® is a proprietary brand for the polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) acrylic plastic. Hammerglass is 300 times stronger than glass whereas plexiglass is only about 30 times stronger than ordinary glass. Plexiglass is sensitive to scratches, gets a milky surface on contact with solvents and burns on ignition.

5. Hammerglass can be compared to acrylic plastic.

NO. For the same reasons as myth number 4. Acrylic burns, it is sensitive to solvents and cracks on impact. Hammerglass does not. Acrylic is easier to hot-mould than polycarbonate, but Hammerglass can be hot-moulded and bent to the desired shape with special tools, still retaining all the advantages that distinguish the material from acrylic.

6. Hammerglass gets scratched as easily as any other plastic.

NO. The hard-coated, smooth surface of Hammerglass is scratch-resistant. It will get scratched over time if particularly exposed, but not to the same extent as acrylic or plexiglass.

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