hammerglass ref bullerskarm stocksundstorp 01 2800x600

Roslags Railway Stocksundstorp


Noise ruducing screen Stocksundstorp 

Noise barrier in 15 mm Hammerglass with angled top, mounted on HFRHS posts, corresponding to the Hammerglass Ground-2 System. All barriers were provided with horizontal earthing bars and each stage of the barrier was earthed separately.

The posts were fixed by means bolt groups embedded in steel casing tubes. The panels were installed in such a way that they projected 30 cm below the base plate, and following installation back-filling with broken rock was carried out. On the support wall, the panels were cut trapezoidally in order to avoid stepping of the barrier.

Hammerglass AB was responsible for the panels, posts and installation.


Noise Ruduction System Ground-2
Hammerglass Clear 15 mm


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