hammerglass ref noise barrier railway roslagsbanan stocksund 01 1300x400-8


Noise reduction barrier with bent top along railway

All panels in 15 mm Hammerglass with a 45-degree bend at the top to reinforce the structure. This inward-facing bend in the barrier contributes to the effective reduction of low-frequency noise from trains. Furthermore, no steel U section could be used as reinforcing elements along the railway owing to the risk that this might cause the whole barrier to become live if an overhead contact line were to fall. All barriers were provided with horizontal earthing bars and every stage was earthed separately.

Bridge 1, Föreningsgatan
Barriers firmly bolted to the bridge edge girder.

Bridge 2, Invernessgatan
Barriers firmly bolted to the bridge edge girder by means of bolt groups chemically fixed in core-drilled holes. Barrier height is 2600 mm, height above top of rail is 2400 mm. The barrier projects 300 mm below the top of the bridge edge girder in order to prevent sound transmission beneath the barrier.

Barrier along railway track
Barrier fixed with the aid of bolt groups embedded in 3 m long casing tubes. The lower part of the barrier and the base plate were covered with 300 mm broken rock. Barrier height as much as 3550 mm.


Noise Reduction System Ground-2
Noise ReductionSystem Bridge-2

Noise ReductionSystem Bridge-3
Hammerglass Clear 15 mm

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