The noise barrier of the future is post-free and blends into the environment

Transparent noise barrier without posts

Hammerglass has a wide range of posts and fixing solutions adapted to how the screen is to be placed and mounted. The posts can be anchored in bridge railings, on plinths or on walls - and strength is calculated based on height and load impact. The Hammerglass sheets are usually 12 mm thick. Before the sheets are cut, each section of barrier for glazing is measured individually, which means that it is possible to produce barriers which follow the contours of the ground. Consequently, the noise reduction barrier does not need to be stepped when there are changes in ground level. Height and design are individually tailored to each project. If necessary, the panels are secured with wire or through bolts. The panels may also be provided with patterns - usually opal or black - in order to prevent bird collisions.

Hammerglass noise barrier for Stockholm Bypass area

Visibility without the noise! Hammerglass new CE-marked noise barrier which are to be used in the Stockholm Bypass area is self-supporting. By bending the Hammerglass panels where there should have been a post, the screen itself becomes so rigid that a steel post is not needed between the glass panels.

The barrier has thin anti bird collision stripes that cannot be seen from a distance but are still registered by birds. The result is an almost invisible noise barrier!

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