High-performance safety screens with focus on a safer driver environment

hammerglass automotive replacement screens

Hammerglass replaces the original screen

Hammerglass offers high-permance security glass solutions for a variety of different machines and vehicle types. Regardless of the end user, the solution is based on the same principles – safe, virtually unbreakable, lightweight solutions for safe driver environments. Our protective glass solutions help to provide enhanced personal protection and a reduced risk of unscheduled stoppages which would entail unnecessary downtime costs. Hammerglass screens are bonded to the cab in the same way as the original screens, and can withstand both chemicals and windshield wipwers. The installation does not require any interference with the vehicle frame – interference that can affect the CE rating. Hammerglass is one of the few companies in the world that is certified in the ECE R43 class "Rigid Plastic Windscreens".

Rock on. Rock off.

Hammerglass in comparison with a competing laminated glass in a FOPS test in the autumn of 2020.


This is how it went, and the question is...

What would you choose?


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Requirements for vehicle glazing

Hammerglass screens have different properties and can be customised to meet different needs. 6 or 8 mm Hammerglass is more than enough for normal tasks, but if there is a risk of stone collapse or larger flying stones, thicker screens might be needed. However, certain essential requirements should be imposed on all safety screens.

  • Scratch resistance - The windscreen must not be scratched by the windscreen wiper in normal operating environments. Hammerglass surface coating protects against scratches and wear and tear. In sand-filled environments, however, we recommend that a ScreenSaver protective film is applied to the screen.
  • Sharp objects - The screen must withstand stone chips and sharp projectiles, ejected during quarrying and metal scrapping, for example.
  • Large rocks - The screen must remain in place and protect the driver if large rocks strike the cab.
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Flat or curved screens – which model do you need?

Hammerglass is the world leading supplier of custom made protection solutions in both Protection Class 1, 2 and 3 within most different vehicles and machine categories. We deliver ECE-R43-certified unbreakable lightweight solutions as alternative to standard screens, armored glass and bars. The Hammerglass screens can be ordered for most commonly used machinery, with a thickness adjusted after screen size and protection need.

hammerglass automotive cabin replacement screen front window

Front window

8 mm/12 mm Hammerglass

Split/Non split

Optional: ScreenSaver film

hammerglass automotive cabin replacement screen boom side window

Boom side window

8 mm/12 mm Hammerglass


hammerglass automotive cabin replacement screen door window

Door window

8 mm/12 mm Hammerglass


hammerglass automotive cabin replacement screen side window

Side window

8 mm/12 mm Hammerglass

hammerglass automotive cabin replacement screen back window

Back window

8 mm/12 mm Hammerglass


hammerglass automotive cabin replacement screen top window

Top window

8 mm/12 mm Hammerglass


hammerglass automotive replacement screen

Plane standard screens

Unbreakable light weight solutions used as a replacement for standard screens, bullet-proof glass and grilles. Front, back, side or boom side windows. Split or non-split. Hammerglass replacement screens are available for the most commonly occurring machines, in thicknesses appropriate to the screen size and specific protection needs involved. The Hammerglass screen is fitted in the same way as the original screen, and will withstand both chemicals and the action of the windscreen wiper. In addition, the installation does not require any interference with the vehicle’s frame – interference that can affect the vehicle’s CE rating.


The screens are also available in a special heat-reducing version which removes around 50% of incoming solar heat.


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hammerglass automotive angled screens

Angled screens

The material properties of Hammerglass make it possible to cold bend a screen, where a glass joint or fixing with a window pillar would otherwise normally be required. The angled windscreen for a wheel loader is supplied in one piece. The installation work can be completed within little more than an hour, which is a fraction of the time required for the installation of a normal glass screen. The screens can be provided with the self-healing Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective film, to reduce wear and tear from the windscreen wiper in gravelly environments. One-piece angled screens save both time and money.

hammerglass automotive shaped thermoformed screens

Shaped or warm formed screens

Hammerglass may also be thermoformed (warm formed) in order to produce bent or double-bent screens. However, this range is controlled by demand. Enquire with your machine dealer or contact us for more information about bent or curved Hammerglass screens for excavators, dumpers or wheel loaders.

hammerglas automotive screensaver protective film

Extra protection against scratches

The Hammerglass screens withstand both chemicals and windscreen wipers. In highly exposed environments, the Hammerglass-screen can be provided with a self-adhesive ScreenSaver protective film, which the driver can replace as and when required.



Learn more about ScreenSaver protective film


Installation of Hammerglass standard screens

Our installation movies describe the basic principles for installation. Installation procedure differs between vehicle types, make and models.

With every Hammerglass screen a detailed and specific installation instruction is provided. Read this before the assembly begins!


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