Virtually unbreakable screens for safe cabin environments & safer production

hammerglass automotive safety screens

Lifesaver as well as money saver

Hammerglass Automotive offers a comprehensive range of virtually unbreakable screens for all types of construction machinery, with the focus on a safer driver environment. Regardless if you work in environments where the screens are exposed to wear and tear – or if you need protection against explosions and chain breaks – Hammerglass has the protection solution for you. With over 10 years of experience and thousands of installations, we secure cabins in everything from mining and construction machinery to trains and emergency vehicles. Except being one of the market’s most secure alternative for a safer driver environment, Hammerglass also delivers unbreakable glass solutions with additional benefits. The material with its abilities gives an outstanding cost efficiency since the owner avoids production stops due to unforeseen changes of broken and worn screens. The Hammerglass scratch protection system with exchangeable ScreenSaver protective screens and ScreenSaver protective films contribute to optimal cabin view and minimal production stops.

Is your cabin safe?

Do you operate an excavator or wheel loader? Is there a risk of undetonated explosives? A risk of large stones? A front window guard only protects from the front. Hammerglass protects the machine all around, and contributes to a much safer working environment.

This is why you choose Hammerglass screens:

  • World class driver protection - 300 times stronger than glass
  • Superior operating economy without glass breakage
  • Explosion tested alternatives for the toughest environments
  • Light weight construction
  • Effective anti-scratch solutions
  • Improved cabin comfort with  heat reducing IR glass
  • Grid free cabins with free sight
  • Available for most models on the market
  • Certified ECE R43 Rigid Plastic Windscreens

Rock on. Rock off.

Hammerglass in comparison with a competing laminated glass in a FOPS test in the autumn of 2020.


This is how it went, and the question is...

What would you choose?


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Make tough demands – that's what we do!

At Hammerglass, we make tough demands on our vehicle screens and as a customer, you should set equally high demands – after all, this is a vitally important issue. The requirements that must be set for a vehicle screen vary depending on the environment in which it is used, and what protection it should provide. Hammerglass is one of the few companies in the world that is certified in the ECE R43 class "Rigid Plastic Windscreens".

  • Scratch resistance: The windscreen should not be scratched by the windscreen wiper in normal operating environments. Hammerglass screens are coated with a thin layer of silicon oxide which protects against scratches and wear and tear. In sand-filled environments, however, we recommend that a ScreenSaver film is applied to the screen.
  • Sharp object: During quarrying and metal recycling sharp-edged projectiles are propelled at the screen. The screen must withstand such attacks.
  • Large rocks: The screen must remain in place and protect the driver if large rocks strike the cab at high speed.
  • Pressure wave: The screen must remain in place in its mounting in an encounter with undetonated explosives. It must not be forced into the cab by the pressure wave or sucked out by the vacuum generated following the explosion. Hammerglass RABS approved screens are explosion tested and comply with the driver safety requirements.

The right screen for current protection needs

Hammerglass develops screens for various protection needs and in protection categories depending on the environment in which the screens are to be used. This means that all our screens have different properties and can be customised to meet different needs. Protection class 1, 2 or 3? Standard screen or explosion-tested RABS system? Which screen is suitable for the respective machinery is selected based on your needs for protection at present.

Choose the right safety level
hammerglass automotive safety screens

Replacement screens for construction machinery

Unbreakable solutions are used as a replacement for standard screens, bullet-proof glass and grilles. The Hammerglass screen is fitted in the same way as the original screen.


The screens are also available in a special heat-reducing version which removes 50% of incoming solar heat.



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hammerglass automotive rabs kobelco

RABS – Blast protection in steel frame

The patented Hammerglass RABS-frame has been developed with a focus on maximising personal safety. The specially developed system, comprising a 12 mm Hammerglass screen bolted to a sturdy steel frame, meets the requirements laid down in the RABS-classification.


In order to combat wear and tear from the windscreen wiper in extremely dusty and gravelly situations, the screen is provided with a ScreenSaver protective screen. The ScreenSaver screen also protects the sturdier Hammerglass screen in the RABS-frame against constant onslaught from stone chippings during quarrying. The ScreenSaver screen is a pure wear product which is replaced as and when required.



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hammerglass automotive screensaver protective film

Extra protection against scratches

The Hammerglass screens withstand both chemicals and windscreen wipers. In highly exposed environments, where normal screens are subject to chipping damage or abrasion by sand, grit and gravel, the Hammerglass-screen can be provided with a self-adhesive ScreenSaver protective film, which the driver can replace as and when required.



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hammerglass automotive ambulance

The difference between life and death - every gram counts

Given that it is considerably lighter than normal auto glass, the choice of Hammerglass for vehicle windows can be of live-critical importance. When it comes to saving lives, it is important to have precisely the right medical equipment on board. Hammerglass keeps down the weight of the vehicle, which allows additional healthcare equipment to be carried while at the same time providing a vandal-proof solution which avoids the menace of broken glass. In Sweden and Norway there are over 300 ambulances on the road with unbreakable Hammerglass fitted in the windows.


Hammerglass screens are produced in thicknesses to suit customer requirements and can be supplied both as flat and thermoformed (warm formed) screens. The ambulance windows are usually delivered in a privacy-protective black-toned version for mounting in the ambulance's rear and side windows. The screens are fully glued in for maximum safety. We provide ECE R43-certified solutions for all of a vehicle’s windows, which means that the vehicle does not need a special exemption for the use of polycarbonate in the windscreen.


  • Vandal-proof
  • Resists violence, stone attacks and Molotow cocktails
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Half the weight of glass - Allows additional healthcare equipment to be carried
hammerglass automotive custom made batmobile

Special projects

Something as simple as new screens for your golf cart? Or why not a cruise around the world or your very own Batmobile? You have the ideas. Let us help with the solutions!


Installation of Hammerglass standard screens

Our instruction movies describe the basic principles for installation. Installation procedure differs between vehicle types, make and models. With every Hammerglass screen a detailed and specific installation instruction is provided. Read this before the assembly begins!


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