Hammerglass ScreenSaver protects the sturdier Hammerglass screen against wear and tear

hammerglass screensaver skyddsfilm/offerfilm skyddar rutan mot stenskott och slitage, utbytbart repskydd

Effective scratch protection for harsh environments

When developing Hammerglass unbreakable screens, our aim was to obtain a safe and secure working environment and fewer operational disruptions. Our screens provide protection against rock fall and explosions, but - like glass - they can be scratched when working in harsh environments. The Hammerglass surface coating is strong but it does not last forever. Even though the screen will provide the driver with a high level of protection for many years to come, the surface will wear out as the machine is used in rough environments such as quarries etc. filled with gravel, grit and sand. Eventually abrasion will reduce the visibility properties of the screen, necessitating replacement of the screen for visibility reasonsl.

Hammerglass ScreenSaver extends the life of the screen

As we know that production stoppages are costly, we have developed two scratch protection solutions that minimize the problem of scratched windshields. Our unique, interchangeable scratch protection solutions are guaranteed to have a positive impact on the operating economy.

hammerglass screensaver skyddsruta 4 mm skyddar 12 mm rutan i rabs-ramen mot stenskott, enkel att byta ut vid behov


Protects the screen in the RABS-frame

Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective screen in 4 mm Hammerglass is designed to protect the sturdier 12 mm screen in the RABS-frame against constant onslaught of stone chippings, during hammering and the like. The ScreenSaver screen is a pure wear product, just like the teeth of the digger bucket.


The patented ScreenSaver protective screen is supplied with a moisture absorber around the outer edge and is fitted to the RABS-frame. A rubber seal fits tightly against the frame and prevents the ingress of water between the ScreenSaver pane and the RABS-screen.


Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective screen is easy to replace when it has become damaged by stone chippings.


  • Patented solution
  • Protects the screen in the RABS-frame when hammering etc
  • Easy to replace
hammerglass screensaver skyddsfilm självläkande repskydd, minskar slitage och repor, förlänger livslängden på maskinrutan


Self healing scratch protection!

The windscreen wiper does not normally cause screen wear. In sand-filled environments, however, and when the screen is exposed to gravel and grit, we recommend that a scratch-resistant ScreenSaver film is applied to the Hammerglass screen. The protective ScreenSaver film has a surface that can withstand some pretty rough use. However, it should not be confused with the protective coating of the Hammerglass screens.


Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective film is an invisible shield that is reducing wear, scratches and marks from stone chips on your Hammerglass screen. When you use the protective film, the life of the window is extended while the optical quality is ensured. The unique film composition, consisting of a flexible multi-layer construction in polyurethane, effectively creates the best possible protection for the underlying pane. In addition to being resistant to external damage, the protective film also has selfhealing properties.

Product thickness (Film) 6 mil (0,16 mm)
Colour Clear/Transparent
Elongation 400%
Rock chip resistance Pass SAE J4000 Gravelometer*
Outdoor weathering Pass 24 month Arizona 45° test
Chemical/Fluids resistance Isopropanol/Water (1:1)
Carburetor (Spray/Rub Test))
Storage and installation temperature 15-30 °C
Curing time Recommended 12-48 h
*Gravelometer testing is designed to evaluate the resistance of vehicle surface coatings (paint, clear coats, metallic plating etc) to chipping caused by the impacts of gravel and other flying objects in accordance with SAE and ASTM standards.

Replace the film - not the window screen!

Hammerglass ScreenSaver PROTECTIVE FILM is a consumable item. When the film has become sufficiently worn, it is replaced with a new one. Depending on the degree of wear, the ScreenSaver film will need to be replaced at various intervals. It could be once a week, once a month and so on.


Unlike many of the market’s other protective film solutions, Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective film is very easy to install, as it has a balanced adhesion and shorter curing time.


Product benefits

  • Premium Quality
  • Long lasting optical improvements for the driver
  • Prolongs the life span of the screen
  • Top coating increases resistance to mechanical damage and stone chips
  • Self-healing small scratches in the film when exposed to room temperature
  • Also heals medium-sized tears when the film heats up
  • Smoth and flexible - Easy to assemble
  • Shorter curing time
  • Contributes to an even better life cycle cost
  • Making an outstanding safety screen even better!!


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We test Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective film

The Hammerglass screen in the cab is equipped with a scratch-resistant ScreenSaver protective film. The cab receives a lot of beatings, before we pull off the ScreenSaver film to check if it meets the requirements.


Installation of Hammerglass patented ScreensSaver protective screen

Our installation movies describe the basic principles for installation. Installation procedure differs between vehicle types, make and models. With every Hammerglass screen a detailed and specific installation instruction is provided. Read this before the assembly begins!

Installation of ScreenSaver protective film

Our installation movies describe the basic principles for installation. With every sacrificial foil, a detailed and specific installation instruction is provided. Read this before the assembly begins!

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