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RABS set complete Develon/Doosan

Hammerglass 12 mm clear + 4 mm clear + steel frame

The Hammerglass RABS-system is the security setup for maximum driver safety. The specially developed system contains a 12 mm Hammerglass pane bolted to a strong steel frame and an additional a 4 mm Hammerglass ScreenSaver protective screen. The complete system offers enormous resistance, and the performance of the setup is assured through rigorous testing in accredited test-centers. Hammerglass RABS-frames are also FOPS-level II approved and will make the metal grid obsolete for most tasks. RABS is the label for vehicle screens which indicates that it complies with a combination of international safety standards: R43, AXE, BLAST and STONE. Read more about the RABS-approval and Hammerglass testing at Products > AUTOMOTIVE. NOTE: This product can only be purchased by authorised retailers and distributors.

Hammerglass RABS set. Contains: 12 mm RABS front screen in steel frame, 4 mm ScreenSaver protective screen, clamping frame for ScreenSaver screen. Explosion tested solution. The patented ScreenSaver screen protects the sturdier 12 mm screen in the RABS-frame, and is a pure wear product.
Product RABS set complete
Brand Develon/Doosan
Type Excavator
Width (mm) 947
Height (mm) 1543