Welcome Thomas, new Area Sales Manager for Hammerglass Automotive in Norway

Published 2023-08-17

hammerglass automotive anställer thomas börke som ny säljansvarig på den norska marknaden

”I appreciate all the stories about Hammerglass, that the utility is put first."

Thomas Børke looks forward to spreading the knowledge about Hammerglass’ advantages – along with the safety perspective he wants to highlight the financial gain in reduced number of machinery downtime.


– After working several years within sales – both with selling machines and accessories – I am familiar with the Norwegian machinery industry. Also, I have been an advertiser in the online magazine Tungt, which turns to stakeholders and decision makers at all levels within transport, construction, building and logistics.


Why did you choose Hammerglass?

– I appreciate all the care that Hammerglass show their customers and that there is a pride in how far they have come in innovation and safety, how they raise their voice for change and always strive for knowledge and shares their own expertise. Here is a great flexibility when it comes to problem solving that I find very appealing. Norway has a strong tradition of safety thinking and taking responsibility towards the machine operators and Hammerglass’ products are well known here, but my focus will be on building up new, strong customer relationships and in that way contribute to make Norwegian machinery companies stand strong in these challenging times. Investing in Hammerglass always pays off, no matter if it is a single replacement screen or a complete RABS frame. The alternative to choose a product that won’t need to be replaced unnecessarily and that makes the machine meet the deadline is worth so much more than a cheaper product that breaks and results in large consequential costs.

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