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Published 2022-08-19


Welcome to Marius Schiller, our new OEM manager for Automotive!

Marius will work specifically with OEM companies and we are very pleased to have another Hammerglass ambassador on our team. On our journey to increasing driver safety in the industry, we need many people to spread the word.

What attracted you to the company?

– My working life has always been about safety and protection. Hammerglass is a unique product, which stands out from the crowd with its reliability and strength. Here, there is also a truly passionate and dedicated team that I feel proud to be a part of.

How well known are our products in the world, would you say?

– Hammerglass is well known in Scandinavia, where our position is also the strongest. But we are getting stronger and stronger in southern Europe and in German-speaking markets, too. Outside Europe, however, we are still at an early stage. Our growth is driven by many factors: We are in an employees' market and drivers choose to work in a safe environment, especially in a safe cabin. Associations and companies also recognise that carelessness and risks relating to the driver's health are no longer acceptable; industries need higher safety standards. Others choose Hammerglass for our excellent durability or simply because it saves expensive downtime compared to ordinary glass.

How will you work to promote the benefits of our solutions?

– Educating people about safety issues is an important aspect of our work and we will be active at trade fairs around the world, at workshops and industry forums. We want to show the driver's point of view to decision-makers and convince them to create a safe workplace for everyone. It is drivers who risk their lives if the wrong type of glass is chosen for the engine cab. In addition, there is a financial incentive with Hammerglass that saves companies large sums in the long run, they avoid unnecessary and costly downtime due to broken cab glass.

Your thoughts on going to the Bauma Fair this autumn...

– Bauma is the biggest show in the world and we are happy to be a part of it. This is our chance to meet drivers, dealers and manufacturers from all over the world. We will cooperate with our good partner Menzi Muck and hope as many people as possible to take the opportunity to see the strength of our products and to learn more about our custom construction and mining machine solutions.

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