Contribute to a safer society!

Come work with us - vacancies at Hammerglass

Are you just like us and want to contribute to a safer society with less vandalism and break-ins, with sustainable, innovative infrastructure solutions and fewer workplace accidents with broken glass? Then Hammerglass could be the company for you - and you could be a new, valued colleague for us!

Hammerglass is a globally growing company with headquarter and production in Förslöv, Sweden. We develop high-performance safety windows for the future for properties, infrastructure and construction machinery. We are an alternative in all types of environments where there is a need for protection against broken glass or vandalism. Schools, stores, high-risk buildings and private homes can all get safe shell protection with our window solutions. Machine operators in forests, mines or quarries sit safely behind our certified safety windows that have been put through some really tough tests. Residents that live close to roads and railroads get the best imaginable noise protection with our hard-coated noise screens, bus travelers do not have to wait in a broken bus shelter, pedestrian and bicycle tunnels are illuminated and with no vandalism. In short: Hammerglass makes society a little bit better!

Our core values are reliability, competence and commitment, and we place great value on being able to deliver customer-specific solutions that make a difference on site. An investment in Hammerglass provides long-term and clearly positive changes for the environment, social benefit and the economy.

The goal is to become the leading manufacturer and the natural supplier of unbreakable glass solutions in the global market. Do you want to come along on this journey? Keep an eye out for available positions. If there are no vacant positions, you can also submit an expression of interest here:

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Swedish High School Apprentice Programme

In the autumn of 2017 the Båstad local authority was the first in Scania (Skåne) to introduce the ‘Swedish High School Apprentice’ programme – a high school apprenticeship with pay from the first year of high school onwards. We now have students who spend half their time reading high school subjects and half their time with us.

This apprenticeship programme is structured in such a way that the pupil spends half the time in school and half the time within a company. The apprenticeship programme involves apprenticed students and is aimed at students who have qualified in elementary school for the national programme at high school – and at newly arrived migrants who are not qualified but are allowed to undergo vocational training. The programme offers opportunities for trade and industry, local authorities and schools to encourage young people into employment. The apprenticeship places also provide excellent opportunities for newly arrived migrants in Sweden to integrate quickly and enter the labour market while learning the Swedish language.