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Do you want to contribute to the fight against burglary, vandalism and the threat of terrorism? Are you interested in developing new modern glass solutions for infrastructure projects? Do you want to make a difference and contribute to increased safety for professional and private drivers? Are you a structured person who nevertheless thrives on the challenge of keeping many balls in the air at once? If so, Hammerglass may be for you – and you may be for us!

Hammerglass offers security and safety through the manufacture and supply of customised unbreakable glass solutions for all environments in need of protection against glass breakage or burglary. Our solutions are well suited to all properties, construction machines, noise barriers, bus shelters, arenas etc. The target groups include local authorities, schools, shopping centres, companies and public organisations as well as private individuals. Our aim is to be the leading manufacturer and natural supplier of unbreakable glass solutions for the global market.

We place great emphasis on our core values: Reliability - Competence - Commitment. We operate in accordance with our motto: ‘Make each other better!’


  • We show respect and loyalty to our customers, suppliers and cooperation partners
  • Internally we show respect and loyalty in our discussions with one another in all cooperation within and between departments
  • We keep our promises to others and always aim to exceed expectations: ‘Underpromise – Overdeliver’
  • Faced with enquiries from both external partners and colleagues we take responsibility for what we are asked to do and respond promptly to ensure optimum satisfaction


  • Using our high level of market and product knowledge we help the customer to make the best decision for his (and our) success
  • We are development oriented and eager to try out and suggest new ways of working and solving problems
  • We all adopt a leadership role and help both ourselves and each other by providing constructive feedback and training to encourage improvement


  • We show a willingness to work and contribute to a positive atmosphere in all our meetings with people both internally and externally
  • We take an interest in the entire company and take it upon ourselves to seek the information we lack
  • We inspire and motivate both colleagues and customers to undergo development, change and improvement