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Pedestrian tunnels

Illuminated pedestrian subways do not only offer a safer environment and enhanced security, they are also visually appealing. An opal,colour-impregnated or printed Hammerglass panel with LED-illumination provides an attractive focal point of light in the night darkness. When it comes to graffiti, marker tags or other soiling, most known detergents and chemicals can be used to clean up without the Hammerglass panels being damaged.

Light up with colour and LEDs

The Hammerglass panels can be screen-printed or printed digitally. These techniques allow for printing in four colours, providing limitless scope for customised design. Subway panels can be provided with municipal coats of arms, and patterns can be repeated at regular intervals or designer printing can be provided. In the case of larger series of panels, there is a possibility of producing colour-impregnated Hammerglass. A printed or colour-impregnated Hammerglass panel with LED-illumination forms an attractive focal point of light in the night darkness. An illuminated pedestrian subway is not only visually appealing, but it also offers a safer environment and enhanced security.

Design and installation

All panels are measured individually and then CNC-milled to achieve the best fit. The panels are flexible and can be shaped for installation in bent profiles. Bring us into your discussions at the idea stage. Our designers will prepare drawings and offer suggestions for functional solutions. We will be happy to provide tenders for complete projects: Made-to-measure Hammerglass, posts, fixing systems and installation.

  • The panels are made to measure after a steel skeleton or the like has been assembled
  • Ready-made solutions for fixing and installation
  • Half the weight of ordinary glass
  • No glass breakage
  • Simple graffiti removal