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The combination of transparency and security makes Hammerglass an attractive alternative for balustrade solutions on terraces, balconies and stairs, and the replacement of old balcony fronts in plate, compact wooden structures and rickety balustrades with Hammerglass provides a genuine face-lift for older properties. The Hammerglass sheets are supplied in clear or opalescent versions and, where larger projects are involved, can be ordered in a variety of colours. Hammerglass offers splinter-free, unclimbable and low-weight solutions which satisfy the child safety requirement specifying no openings larger than 100 mm.

Attractive balustrade solutions offering high security


Wind protection and falling protection for installation around terraces and patios. Choose between clear Hammerglass sheets, offering a clear view of the surroundings, and an opalescent version for increased privacy.


For new installation or replacement of balcony fronts on existing balustrade structures. A modern and splinter-free low-weight solution which also enhances older buildings. The Hammerglass sheets can be ordered in a variety of colours for larger projects.


Balustrade solutions for stairs and landings which are equally suited to both public areas and private houses. The Hammerglass sheets can be shaped with rounded corners and bevelled edges in order to eliminate the risk of cut injuries.

Installation and warranty

The Hammerglass sheets are installed in the existing balustrade structure or Hammerglass post system, or fixing solutions can be tailored to suit the project.