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Electronics protection

Expensive entrance readers which are subject to repeated vandalism may prove a costly business for property owners, local authorities and schools - with the continual purchase of new readers and associated problems involving access to properties as a consequence. Hammerglass AB have developed a functioning anti-vandal protection device for entrance readers for schools and other properties.

Anti-vandal protection for readers

Hammerglass weatherproof anti-vandal protection for readers in property access systems prevents vandals from removing the reader from the wall. The product can be customised to suit individual requirements and the type of reader involved. Bevelled edges around the reader protection provide extra impact strength, as there are no sharp edges where a vandal could get a purchase. The reader protection device is mounted on the front of the property and is supplemented by a weatherproof cover plate at the rear, if the reader is fitted above an electrical connection box.

  • Glass-clear unbreakable reader protection
  • Profile with bevelled edges
  • Sealing with weatherproof cover
  • Customised solutions

Design and installation

Individually adjusted to the type of reader. Installation with one-way screws is recommended.