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Explosion protection

With the growing threat and risk of attacks and explosions in densely populated urban environments, the need for advanced security glass in windows, doors and glass partitions is also increasing. In a powerful explosion, conventional glass panes will splinter even at a great distance from the explosion, often with serious splinter injuries as a consequence.  In properties located in the immediate vicinity of the explosion even splinter-free panes will be forced in, despite being made from toughened or laminated glass. Hammerglass Explosion Protection consists of a unique, explosion-resistant solution compatible with the façade of the building concerned, comprising a steel frame that will hold the glazing panes firmly in position even in a powerful explosion. In sensitive urban locations, in government buildings, embassies, banks and the like, Hammerglass offers highly effective protection which will not fragment or splinter in a blast.

Explosion tested safety glass

A series of tests on Hammerglass panels was conducted in accordance with EN 13124-2 at SP (the Technical Research Institute of Sweden) in Borås. Panels in a variety of formats were mounted in differing types of steel frame. Seven explosions were then carried out, from a distance of 3 metres and 5 metres respectively. As a result, it was found that 12 mm Hammerglass panels withstand the pressure wave caused by 3 kg TNT being detonated from a distance of 3 metres. At the end of the test, as an added bonus, SP set up several kilograms of excavated rocks in front of the explosive charge. The rocks made deep notches in the Hammerglass panels, but nothing more. On the other hand, the rocks went straight through the steel plate (3 mm Corten steel) in the container, and the container itself was physically moved by the explosions, despite being filled with 20 tons of concrete pigs which were intended to ensure its stability.

Combined barrier and explosion protection

Explosion protection panels are available in a number of different configurations and thicknesses, depending on the required level of protection. Hammerglass Explosion Protection is a glazing solution compatible with the building façade, comprising a 12 mm Hammerglass glazing pane mounted in a sturdy steel frame. The steel frame holds the whole package in place even in a powerful explosion. This splinter-free solution is thinner, and weighs substantially less, than comparable solutions based on normal glass.

EXR1 3 kg
5 m
0,75 bar
1,05 bar/ms HmG 12 mm
EXR2 3 kg
3 m
2,3 bar 1,65 bar/ms HmG 12 mm
EXR3 12 kg 5,5 m 1,7 bar 2,25 bar/ms -
EXR4 12 kg 4 m 3,6 bar 3,00 bar/ms -
EXR5 20 kg 4 m 6,3 bar 4,20 bar/ms -

More and more shops in sensitive urban locations are now opting for Hammerglass in steel profile for their display windows. This system provides effective barrier protection against break-in and at the same time offers explosion protection without the risk of fragmentation and splintering. Installation does not cause any visible damage to existing display windows, yet provides considerably higher security for personnel working in the shop.

  • Explosion tested safety glass
  • Unique splinter-free lightweight solutions
  • Architecturally compatible steel frame holds glazing panes in position
  • Protects against explosion, break-in and vandalism

Advice when planning

We offer customers confidential advice at the planning stage. In order to guarantee workmanship of the highest quality, Hammerglass Explosion Protection is installed exclusively by certified installers. Installation does not entail any damage to existing architecture. All Hammerglass glazing panes are laser marked with our logotype and production number, thus ensuring traceability for internal quality assurance and safety in the event of any warranty issues.