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Unbreakable mirrors

Unbreakable mirrors in Hammerglass reduce the costs caused by damage or vadalism, and increase personal safety in those environments where they are installed. Nanotechnological surface treatment renders Hammerglass Mirrors resistant to most chemicals. When it comes to graffiti, marker tags or other soiling, most known detergents can be used to clean up without the mirrors being damaged. Hammerglass Mirror Glass is recommended for public toilets, changing rooms, sports facilities, lifts, prisons, psychiatric wards and the like.

Fast delivery

The opportunities for individual design are in principle unlimited. The glass can be cut to special measurements or milled to the desired shape. The low weight of the mirrors facilitates handling of larger glass batches. The mirror glass is stocked in standard sizes for rapid delivery.

  • 500 x750 mm, x1000 mm, x1500 mm
  • 750 x1000 mm
  • 1000 x1000 mm, x1500 mm, x2000 mm
  • 1500 x2000 mm

Installation and warranty

Hammerglass Mirror Glass is installed with through-screws (not to be countersunk), fixpoints or clamping fixings. Drilling is carried out at the factory or in situ. For fitting with adhesive or silicone, Hammerglass AB is to be contacted for the choice of suitable product. For larger areas (~1500x2000 mm) Hammerglass Mirror Glass is to be pre-bonded to a plane surface, in order to guarantee the best optical effect.