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Clear, tinted or opalescent Hammerglass products provide exciting and secure roof solutions for both larger property complexes and individual private houses. The sheets can be supplied in lengths of up to 6 metres, or can be joined with water-tight seals to form stretches of any required length. The Hammerglass sheets can be bent and shaped to fit curved roofs. For applications with a small glass radius there is a flexible surface treatment, developed in order to permit bending. The extremely hard and smooth silicon oxide surface with which the Hammerglass sheets are coated helps to ensure that dirt and dust are in most cases washed off the roof structure by the action of rain. The Hammerglass material may also be supplied in IR form, which allows a clear view in combination with reduced solar radiation.

Clear view of the surroundings

  • 300 times stronger than glass
  • No glass breakage
  • Half the weight of ordinary glass
  • May also be supplied in IR form, with 50% heat reduction
  • Clear view of the surroundings

Installation and warranty

Bring us into your discussions at the idea stage. Our designers will produce both drawings and suggestions for functional solutions. We will be happy to quote for complete projects: Cut-to-size Hammerglass, fixing systems and installation.

  • The sheets are made to measure after the load-bearing structure has been installed
  • Ready-made solutions for fixing and installation