Splinter-free & unclimbable lightweight solutions

hammerglass property balustrades 1300x150-8

Durable, safe and lightweight

The combination of transparency and security makes Hammerglass an attractive alternative for balustrade solutions on terraces, balconies and stairs. furthermore, the replacement of old balcony fronts in plate with Hammerglass makes for a safer environment, and the change also provides a genuine facelift for the property. The Hammerglass panels are supplied as clear or opalescent but may also be ordered in other colours where larger projects are involved. Hammerglass offers splinter-free, unclimbable lightweight solutions which satisfy the child-safety requirement specifying no openings larger than 100 mm.

A sustainable alternative to glass – everywhere!

New balcony fronts, fall protection for the stairs/stands, wind protection for the terrace/outdoor seating area – or simply a stylish setting? Hammerglass balustrade solutions fit just as well in public areas as they do in your villa, and the benefits are many!

  • Replacement of old balcony fronts, wooden structures and rattled railings increases the value of the property
  • The glass railing around a restaurant’s outdoor seating area remains in place - without any broken glass - even on Sunday morning
  • Unbreakable glass in front of the stands protects against falling and keeps the spectators safe
  • The terrace railing solution provides wind protection as well as unobstructed view to the surroundings
  • Bevelled edges and rounded corners minimise the risk of cutting injuries
  • Splinter-free and unclimbable low-weight construction which satisfy the child safety requirement specifying no openings larger than 100 mm
hammerglass glass balustrades railings

Toughened glass, laminated glass or Hammerglass?

We produce panels of sizes, shapes and colours that best suit your project. Choose between clear Hammerglass sheets and a clear view of the surroundings or opal design for increased privacy protection. Toughened glass, laminated glass or Hammerglass? Hammerglass has many advantages:


  • Half the weight compared to ordinary glass
  • Unbreakable and shatterproof
  • Individually produced panels ordered to measure
  • Can be produced in any shape
  • Flexible fastening systems
  • Clear, opal or body tinted sheets
  • Screen printing of logos or all-over patterns
  • Option for 4-colour photo print
hammerglass glass balustrades railings

Replace the old balcony fronts


Replacing old balcony fronts in sheet metal, compact wooden structures and rattled railings with modern Hammerglass low-weight solutions, means a substantial facelift even for older properties. A good investment that improves both the appearance and the value of the property.


The Hammerglass panels are ordered to measure and each sheet is manufactured separately to fit the existing structures exactly. For larger series, there is an option to order body tinted Hammerglass.

hammerglass glass balustrades railings friends arena

Splinter-free for increased safety

The home team scores goals, the crowd cheers, the pressure increases on the stands. With many people gathered in a limited space, the risk of accidents increases. With Hammerglass in the audience protection instead of laminated or tempered glass, that risk is reduced.


Our splinter-free solutions can be mounted at most public arenas (here at the Swedish National Arena). The panels are produced with rounded corners and bevelled edges to eliminate the risk of cutting injuries. Mounting on the existing balustrade structure, on a Hammerglass post system or using specially developed fixing solutions.

Colour, print and lighting

The Hammerglass panels usually come clear or opal. For larger projects, Hammerglass sheets can also be ordered body tinted in a colour of your choosing. Panels can also be provided with printed logos, an all-over pattern in a variety of selected colours or photo prints. Strategically placed LED lighting on printed or body tinted Hammerglass spreads the light image and constitutes an attractive light point in the evening darkness.

hammerglass glass balustrades railings print


The template for a single screen print is relatively expensive to produce, but the cost is quickly reduced when printing a series of similar sheets. Normally, screen-printed sheets are made in one colour, but it is perfectly possible to add up to four colours to one and the same Hammerglass sheet.


  • Serial production of patterns, logos, etc.
  • Printed protection against bird collisions
  • Printed Dots creates the illusion of body tinted sheets, can be complemented with LED lighting

In the HammerART tab, we tell you more about the artistic possibilities!


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hammerglass glass balustrades railings hammerart print


Hammerglass panels can also be provided with photographic printing. The photo is laminated between two Hammerglass panels, to be protected against vandalism and the sun’s UV rays. The edges are sealed to prevent water and contamination between the panels.


In the HammerART tab, we tell you more about the artistic possibilities!


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Learn more about HammerArt

Design and installation

Hammerglass can be mounted in the existing structure or in Hammerglass post system. We customise the design of the glass and mountings to ensure safe, shatterproof assembly according to the customer's requirements.