Protects against vandalism & break-ins - personal protection

hammerglass property windowsystems 1300x150-8

Burglar-proof windows and doors

Hammerglass is the new generation of unbreakable glass in nano surface-treated polycarbonate, and provides suitable protection in all environments where there is a risk of glass breakage, burglary or vandalism: In shops, shopping centres, public areas, local government property, schools, sports facilities, police stations, offices and industrial premises – but also in private houses and apartments. Preventing burglary is all about buying time. When a burglar finds that it is taking too long to break into a property, the attempted break-in is more often than not abandoned. The weakest point in most properties is frequently its windows and doors with glass panes. If these flat glass panes are replaced with unbreakable Hammerglass panes, the result will be a real increase in burglar protection. Nothing is more depressing than replacing a vandalised or broken glass pane, only to find two weeks later that the same pane has been broken once again. Repeated glass replacement in exposed environments is a very expensive undertaking. The cost of replacing existing glass with Hammerglass, on the other hand, is low when compared with what a burglary or an act of vandalism costs the property owner in terms of money, inconvenience, wasted time and – last but not least – the unpleasant realisation that a stranger has entered the private home or office. In the case of new build properties or extensions to existing properties, the additional cost entailed by ordering windows with Hammerglass panes is only marginal. All window manufacturers/aluminium processers are able to supply windows or doors with Hammerglass panes.

No more broken windows!

An 8 mm Hammerglass panel is as strong and durable as 24 mm armoured glass, a bolted-on security grille or a roller shutter certified as being of Protection Class 3. It is impossible to kick in a Hammerglass pane, a baseball bat will have no effect on it, and not even a paving stone thrown with full force is capable of breaking the pane. Hammerglass thus provides excellent protection for property against burglars and vandals, and also personal protection from projectiles and explosions, for example. Hammerglass is certified as being of Security Class P8B, which corresponds to the highest protection class for security grilles and roller shutters. In order to qualify for this protection class it is required that the material withstand 70 axe strokes. It is worth noting that, when the test was terminated after 72 axe strokes, the axe had still failed to make a hole in the Hammerglass pane.

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Burglar-proof window systems

Hammerglass supplies ready-made systems which are suitable for more or less all window types and fenestrations. Our authorised retailers are accustomed to providing an integrated approach when assessing customers’ protection needs. They are also able to offer advice on other parts of the property where security may need to be reinforced.


Hammerglass ADD-ON

The invisible shutter

Hammerglass ADD-ON is a complete integrated system of effective burglar protection designed for external or internal installation over existing windows. Hammerglass ADD-ON provides increased protection against burglars and vandals for shops, shopping centres, public premises, industrial premises, offices, petrol stations, chemists, health centres and the like.


Many thieves have learned how to remove grilles/roller shutters by attaching a chain to a vehicle tow bar and simply pulling the grille away from the window. Apart from interfering with the view into a shop, the grille has in many cases given the shopkeeper a false sense of security. The profiles used in the Hammerglass ADD-ON system are made from cold-rolled steel. In an attempted break-in the material does not offer any leverage as the steel profile only gives way at the breaking pointing itself, in contrast to the more rigid aluminium profiles which can be bent up if a tool is pressed in under the profile.


Hammerglass ADD-ON can be fitted to fixed or openable windows as well as to glass- and door sections. The ADD-ON profile protects and reinforces existing wooden frames, and this in turn reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. Hammerglass is glued along the rim, then screwed through the steel profile giving the best result and a secure hold. The installation does not involve any further damage to existing architecture. Hammerglass ADD-ON is recommended by insurance companies as an alternative to anti-theft grilles and roller shutters.

hammerglass addon premium S
  • Protects against break-ins & vandalism - Personal protection
  • Repalces anti-theft grilles and roller shutters
  • External or internal installation over existing windows
  • Internal installation protects against shatter damage in case of explosion
  • 6, 8, 10 eller 12 mm Hammerglass in break-proof steel profile
  • Reinforces existing wooden frames
  • Improves the U-value
  • Noise ruduction of 30 dBRw
  • Security class P8B, EN 356
  • Makes existing windows burglar-proof: ADD-ON provides increased protection against burglars and vandals for shops, schools, public premises etc
  • Recommended by insurance companies as an alternative to anti-theft grilles and roller

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hammerglass single

Hammerglass SINGLE

A single pane for effective protection against and break-ins and vandalism

Hammerglass SINGLE is a system of re-glazing using existing sashes/frames, for example older linked sashes and properties under a conservation order. Its low weight and high security class offer considerable opportunities for glazing in existing systems. With single glazing or installation in linked sashes, the outer pane is replaced with Hammerglass SINGLE. The glazing material can be produced in any desired shape, including irregular or rounded glass shapes. Installation will not compromise the existing architecture.


This system provides energy savings and improvements in the U-value. In addition, Hammerglass SINGLE offers a noise reduction of 30 dBRw.


Hammerglass SINGLE is certified in accordance with EN 356 as being of up to Security Class P8B, which is the security level insurance companies require for particularly exposed objects, such as goldsmiths, electronics companies etc.

hammerglass sliding door
  • Protects against break-ins & vandalism - Personal protection
  • Re-glazing windows and doors in the existing sashes/frames
  • 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm Hammerglass
  • Can be produced with irregular or rounded glass shapes
  • Discreet vandal protection for installation in front of leaded glass in churches and cultural buildings
  • Will not compromise the existing architecture
  • Improves the U-value
  • Noise ruduction of 30 dBRw
  • Security class EN 356 P8B
  • Provides increased protection against burglary and vandalism for shops, shopping centres, public premises, industry, offices, petrol stations, chemists, health centres etc

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hammerglass insulate

Hammerglass INSULATE

Security classified glazing system

Hammerglass INSULATE is an insulating glass system providing double or triple glazing with a glass of choice for the inner pane. Hammerglass INSULATE can be integrated into the existing fenestration. Its low weight and high security rating provide ample opportunities for glazing in an existing constructions. Hammerglass INSULATE provides excellent resistance to burglary and vandalism. The system further affords personal protection with the fitting of Hammerglass as the inner glass pane in the insulating glass cassette. In addition, Hammerglass INSULATE also has excellent noise reduction characteristics, a low U-value and solar protection capability.


Hammerglass INSULATE is manufactured in all available insulating glass designs, usually with Hammerglass externally. For the second and/or third glass pane the customer may choose from all types of glass currently on the market. Also available with heat reducing Hammerglass IR, a lightly tinted Hammerglass which provides a heat reduction of 45%.

SPECIFICATIONS g-value U-value Class
HG06-16-FE4 0,70  1,53  P7B
HG08-16-FE4  0,70 1,53   P8B
HG06-14-F4-16-FE4  0,62 1,19  P7B
HG08-12-F4-16-FE4  0,61 1,19   P8B
FE4-14-HG06-16-FE4  0,58  0,87 P7B
HG06-14-F4-16-SFE4  0,53  0,98 P7B
SFE4-14-HG06-16-SFE4  0,52/0,58  0,66  P7B
HG06-16-44,2E 0,70 1,50 P8B
 HG06-16-SuCl6  0,67  1,86 P7B 
 HG06-14-SuCl6-16-F4 0,52/0,58   1,37/1,35 P7B 
PE N71/39-15-HG06-14-SFE4  0,38/0,37  0,65 P7B 
HG = Hammerglass Clear
FE = Float Energy glass
SFE = Soft coated Float Energy glass
SuCl = Sunergy Clear
PE = Planibel Energy Solar Protection glass
  • Protects against break-ins & vandalism - Personal protection
  • Security classified insulatinig glazing system
  • Insulating unit for mounting in new construction or existing window frame
  • Can be configurated with all existing types of window glass on the market
  • Available with heat reducing Hammerglass IR
  • 10 years insulation warranty
  • Excellent noise reduction capacity
  • Security Class EN 356 P8B in the configuration /6mm Hammerglass/12mm gap/4-4-1 laminated glass/
  • Provides excellent protection against burglary and vandalism for schools, public premises, industrial premises etc
  • Also suitable for private homes

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Installation and warranty

Hammerglass window systems are installed only be recommended installers in order to guarantee the highest quality. All Hammerglass panes are laser-marked with a logo and production number for traceability for the purposes of internal quality assurance and security in the event of warranty issues.