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"Screens are rarely replaced on-site; the machine has to go to the workshop"

Reducing expensive set-up times is a priority in the industry 

When accidents happen, it doesn’t matter where you are. A quarry, a mine, a forest, a construction site–the result is the same. The operator is put at risk and the machine grinds to a halt and must be repaired. Hammerglass is designed for many work environments and, in addition to increased driver safety, there’s money to be saved.

– If there’s one thing that’s of the utmost importance in the industry right now, it’s the reduction of unnecessary and expensive set-up times and the need to bring the machine to a workshop to change the screen, we’re talking about insane costs,’ said Patric Carlsson, Sales Manager for Hammerglass Scandinavia.

Why choose Hammerglass? How can it reduce set-up times?
– With Hammerglass, you get a safety solution that won’t shatter, is extremely impact-resistant and can withstand debris, sharp branches and stone chips from explosions. Of course, the window can get scratched afterwards, like any surface, but with Hammerglass you choose when you’re able to bring the machine in for repair. In the forestry industry, accidents with broken windows happen every week and repairs are usually not done on site. This is hugely expensive. With a scratch in a Hammerglass screen, you can get on with the job and take care of any repairs on your own terms. This makes a huge difference in today’s world where we have historically high diesel prices. Every company in the industry is focusing on cutting unnecessary costs and I know we can help.

What would you say to those who think Hammerglass is too expensive to invest in?
– I’d say that’s a big misconception. Hammerglass might be a bit more expensive to buy, but you’d quickly make that investment back in the overall lower maintenance cost of the machine.

"Safety grids do not provide sufficient driver protection"

– I was recently on a customer’s site where scrap metal is handled. They were experiencing small projectiles hitting the front window almost daily. They had invested in laminated glass and further ‘secured’ the driver further behind a safety grate. If you examine the picture, it clearly shows that the next shot from the scrap will go straight through the window and hit the driver, completely destroying the laminated glass. Grids are not sufficient protection in environments where there’s a risk of projectiles. It does, however, do a great job obscuring the driver’s view!


Hammerglass RABS-rated frame can be used to replace safety grids. How is that even possible?
– The RABS frame is third-party tested by RISE and others and meets all requirements identified around explosions, stone projectiles, sharp objects and scratches. We test it against the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s requirements for roofs, as they do not refer to any standard for front frames. But as we see it, a front screen can be subjected to the same stresses as a roof and the operator must be safe.
In an environment where there’s a risk of very large collapses, some of our RABS customers have chosen to add safety grates.

hammerglass reducing setup times grid

How safety-conscious are companies?
– I think it’s very clear that safety is the most important thing for a majority of people, but it’s not always clear what the safety solution you’re investing in actually offers, in terms of features or eventual shortcomings, as was the case with the scrap metal company which had called me after they’d heard about Hammerglass. They’d grown tired of seeing the drivers risking their health and safety as shown in the picture, and they wanted to make sure they got home safely after every shift. That’s what I’m going to help them with.

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