Hammerglass CSR and sustainability

The UN has defined 17 global sustainable development goals with the objective that member states, with joint efforts, should achieve them by 2030. Hammerglass has selected 4 of the goals as particularly important for us, where we have the opportunity to work for a more sustainable future in and through our operation.


By continuously striving to improve our IVS business system, we will:

  • Begin all production sessions with a Green Cross review.
  • Maintain our employees' health insurance with SPP/DKV, thereby shortening waiting times and facilitating quick return to work in case employees need specialist care.
  • Follow the standards of our ISO 45001 safety and health certificate.



Skilled and well-trained employees safeguard the company's jobs and contribute to growth. In order to secure future employment needs, industrial companies need to inform young people about the skills that will be needed. Similarly, the industry must communicate with municipalities and educational units so that young people can be offered relevant studies. Hammerglass shall therefore:

  • Widen our employees' professional skills through job rotation.
  • Offer our employees good opportunities for further training.
  • Participate in the High School Apprenticeships scheme where high school students combine studies with industrial training.
  • Take an active part in Båstad Industry Group’s Skills Supply Initiative.


Based on our certificates within ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Hammerglass will work to achieve SDG GOAL 9 by:

  • Investing in machines and equipment that reduce our environmental impact.
  • Continuing our R&D work where Sustainability is always one of the focus areas.
  • Actively influencing our employees to choose electric cars instead of fossil-fuelled vehicles by investing in good charging infrastructure and offering charging at low prices to employees.
  • Continuing to develop, offer, sell and assemble sustainable infrastructure solutions along roads and railways.


Hammerglass will work according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, where sustainability forms the basis for our entire operations.

  • All polycarbonate spills in our production, as well as material recovered from previous installations, shall be reused in new polycarbonate production.
  • Our core products must be EPD-certified.
  • Our stakeholders shall be kept regularly informed about our products and our operations through adequate product labelling, updated website, informative newsletters and relevant information on social media.

Hammerglass & CSR – We accept responsibility!

Active community engagement is important for us! It takes a lot of pine needles to build an anthill, and it will probably never get built if the job of dragging the needles to the stack is always left to ‘the others’. Consequently, we always aim to take seriously our responsibilities at a local level, while at the same time striving for active community engagement in a wider perspective..


Hammerglass AB is environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and has focused on a daily basis on recycling and environmental work. We are continually investing in new production technology. One of the requirements in investment decisions is that we should be able to demonstrate how new technology results in a clearly reduced environmental impact.

High school students

The municipality of Båstad was one of the first local authorities to accept the possibility of offering adapted vocational training in parallel with theoretical instruction. We currently have high school students enrolled in the Industry Programme who are with us 3 days a week for a period of 3 years. During this period, they are required to learn enough about the practical side of manufacturing to render them employable by us – or by another industrial company.


We support our local sports associations with contributions to their activities.

The Night Walkers

The yellow jacket of The Night Walkers has become an established symbol of security for young people and young adults. Since 1989, The Night Walkers has worked to ensure that there are adult role models, compassionate support and social security among young people when they move out in the evenings and at night. The presence of The Night Walkers also prevents crime such as vandalism, violence and drug abuse. By supporting The Night Walkers, we support our young people!

Swedish Sea Rescue Society

Together with the Industrial Group we support the activities of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, involving active lifesaving operations at sea. We have among other things contributed funds for the purchase of a jet-propelled lifeboat, along with new premises for the local society.

The Cinnamon Bun Project

All research points to the fact that education is the third world’s route out of poverty – both for the individual and the nation. Unfortunately, education is often extremely expensive and is primarily the preserve of the affluent. Hammerglass has undertaken to pay the majority of the school costs for two pupils on the outskirts of Capetown in South Africa. Both Qhama and Mihlali, born in 2004, are today happy high school students. We have undertaken to follow them all the way through to their high school diploma.

Learn more about the Cinnamon bun project


Vision For All

Hammerglass supports Vision For All (VFA), a not-for-profit organisation which aims to do what it can for people who need glasses for study and work. VFA works with the very poorest, who have the greatest need of the services of an optician. These people have no possibility of paying for an eye examination or obtaining glasses. VFA collects good and used glasses in Sweden. The glasses are measured and cleaned, and VFA’s opticians and assistants then drive out into the world to distribute them.

Visit Vision for all


The fight against cancer

Together we can contribute to cancer research, better treatments and help more people to survive their cancer diagnosis. Hammerglass supports the Child Cancer Foundation, the Breast Cancer Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.