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Add something extra with HammerART

HammerART allows the Hammerglass panels to communicate with their surroundings. The panels can be printed with a variety of designs or messages. The technique employed allows four-colour printing, which offers endless possibilities for the creation of personalised motifs and printed designs. Why not have a photo, a municipal coat of arms or a graphic design put on the panels? If you need ideas, Hammerglass’ design department will help you to produce a creation specifically suited to your needs. Don’t worry about the printing. It will be well protected against vandalism on the rear side of the panel.

Colour, prints and LED-lightning

A printed or colour-impregnated Hammerglass panel adds "the little extra". With LED lighting, the effect is extra striking.

Screen printing

Screen printed panels are supplied with a protective coating after the print has hardened. Suitable method for printing several similar panels. An excellent alternative for preventing bird collisions. A successful combination of artistic decoration and function!

Digital printing

The print has been placed on the back of the Hammerglass panels, and is thus protected against damage. For tunnel walls, facades, public decoration.

Balustrades with photographic printing

The photos are laminated between two Hammerglass panels, to be protected against vandalism and the sun’s UV rays. The edges are sealed to prevent water and contamination between the panels.

Colour-impregnated panels

With larger series of panels there is the possibility of producing colour-impregnated Hammerglass

Walk of Fame - Printings on unbreakable Hammerglass mirrors

Hammerglass mirrors with the familiar faces of famous Swedes spread joy and pride. The mirror print is protected behind double Hammerglass panels.