Published 2022-12-12


We’re part of Volvo’s Extended Offer Program

North American Volvo dealers can now offer Hammerglass safety glass to their customers. At the Brush Up days in Memphis, we had a chance to introduce ourselves a bit more.

The programme includes a total of 28 companies, two of which are Swedish: Hammerglass AB and Trelleborg AB.

– Of course it’s great that Swedish innovation and entrepreneurial spirit have been given a place. In our case it was the recommendations from Swedish customers which was the basis for Volvo having chosen Hammerglass. That’s the best kind of praise we can get. We stand out from the crowd because our screens undergo such rigorous testing and have clear safety ratings and approved certificates. We’re not yet very well known in the US, but thanks to the Extended Offer Program, we’ve now got an easier way into a market which is generally difficult to break into. It’s really a golden opportunity to spread awareness of our solutions and focus on driver safety, said Fredrik Gustavsson, Customer Service Manager.

What challenges do you foresee having in the US market?

– When we met with the dealers in Memphis, we got a lot of attention, but what most of them were interested in were solutions that reduce the risk of glass breakage. And though Hammerglass products definitely do that, our focus will always be on personal safety. The fact that glass breakage is eliminated is a bonus in this context.

– Another challenge is that many people are prejudiced against PVCs and are sceptical about opting out of grilles, but when you see our tests and certificates, I think that ‘fear’ can be overcome. Glass breakage due to flying sharp objects is common in the US, here for example there are many recyclers who deal with metal parts. These parts are often small enough to fly between the grids and hit the glass, but this is where our grid free RABS-solution can make a difference.

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