Insulating glass unit with low weight & high security class for replacement and new installations

Insulating units with security rating

Hammerglass INSULATE is an insulating glass system providing double or triple glazing with a glass of choice for the inner pane. Hammerglass INSULATE can be integrated into the existing fenestration. Its low weight and high security rating provide ample opportunities for glazing in an existing constructions. Hammerglass INSULATE provides excellent resistance to burglary and vandalism.

We test the strength!

We test all our products thoroughly. Watch the movie where we perform a violent strength test on 6 mm Hammerglass in a comparison with a traditional safety glass taken from a police station (25 mm laminated glass).

  • A burglary takes 10 minutes to complete.
  • Half of all burglaries take place through the window.
  • In general, windows and glass sections are the weakest point in the property, followed by doors.

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SPECIFICATIONS g-value U-value Class
HG06-16-FE4 0,70  1,53  P7B
HG08-16-FE4  0,70 1,53   P8B
HG06-14-F4-16-FE4  0,62 1,19  P7B
HG08-12-F4-16-FE4  0,61 1,19   P8B
FE4-14-HG06-16-FE4  0,58  0,87 P7B
HG06-14-F4-16-SFE4  0,53  0,98 P7B
SFE4-14-HG06-16-SFE4  0,52/0,58  0,66  P7B
HG06-16-44,2E 0,70 1,50 P8B
 HG06-16-SuCl6  0,67  1,86 P7B 
 HG06-14-SuCl6-16-F4 0,52/0,58   1,37/1,35 P7B 
PE N71/39-15-HG06-14-SFE4  0,38/0,37  0,65 P7B 
HG = Hammerglass Clear
FE = Float Energy glass
SFE = Soft coated Float Energy glass
SuCl = Sunergy Clear
PE = Planibel Energy Solar Protection glass

Hammerglass INSULATE

Hammerglass INSULATE is manufactured in all available insulating glass designs, usually with Hammerglass externally. For the second and/or third glass pane the customer may choose from all types of glass currently on the market. With the fitting of Hammerglass as the inner glass pane in the insulating glass cassette, the system affords protection against splinter injuries in case of an explosion.


Hammerglass INSULATE also has excellent noise reduction characteristics, a low U-value and solar protection capability. Also available with heat reducing Hammerglass IR, a lightly tinted Hammerglass which provides a heat reduction of 45%.


All window manufacturers/aluminium processers are able to supply windows or doors with Hammerglass panes. We have cooperation agreements with leading window manufacturers.


  • Protects against break-ins & vandalism - Personal protection
  • Security classified insulatinig glazing system
  • Insulating unit for mounting in new construction or existing window frame
  • Can be configurated with all existing types of window glass on the market
  • Available with heat reducing Hammerglass IR
  • 10 years insulation warranty
  • Excellent noise reduction capacity
  • Security Class EN 356 P8B in the configuration /6mm Hammerglass/12mm gap/4-4-1 laminated glass/
  • Provides excellent protection against burglary and vandalism for schools, public premises, industrial premises etc
  • Also suitable for private homes

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Installation and warranty

Hammerglass INSULATE is installed only be recommended installers in order to guarantee the highest quality. All Hammerglass panes are laser-marked with a logo and production number for traceability for the purposes of internal quality assurance and security in the event of warranty issues.