Virtually unbreakable screens in explosion tested steel frame

hammerglass automotive rabs

Screens that withstands detonations

Undetonated explosives (duds), large rocks and boulders may pose a direct threat to the life of the machine driver. For this reason tightened regulations relating to mining and quarrying should be considered: Where there is a risk of undetonated explosives being encountered, or where quarrying is in progress, special glass should be used in the machine cab. If a charge is detonated, it is not sufficient to have protection in the windscreen alone. In a powerful explosion the side screens are also forced into the cab, regardless of whether they are made of toughened glass or laminated glass. Hammerglass solutions are also available for side screens and rear screens.

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One frame. One screen. Versus 230 kg.

One frame. One screen. Versus 230 kg from 5.2 meters height.
Watch our latest FOPS-test from June 2021.

Replace the screen. Not the driver.


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Rock on. Rock off.

Hammerglass in comparison with a competing laminated glass in a FOPS test in the autumn of 2020.

This is how it went, and the question is...

What would you choose?


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Explosion tested safety glass

A series of tests in accordance with EN 13124-2 has been conducted on Hammerglass vehicle screens. Screens in a number of designs were mounted in various types of steel frames. Seven explosions were carried out, at a distance of 3 metres and 5 metres respectively. As a result it was demonstrated that 12 mm Hammerglass screens withstand the pressure wave generated by 3 kg TNT being exploded at a distance of 3 metres.

As an added bonus, at the end of the test, several kilograms of excavated rock were arranged in front of the explosive charge. The rocks made deep notches in the screens, but nothing more. On the other hand, the rocks went straight through the steel plate in the container – 3 mm Corten steel – and the container was physically moved by the explosions, despite being filled with 20 tons of concrete pigs in order to stabilise it.

This is RABS

A vehicle window used in really tough work environments must meet certain requirements, both in terms of performance and safety. RABS is the designation for vehicle screens which indicates that the screens satisfy a combination of international safety standards.

  • R43 - Scratch resistance, UV-protection etc
  • AXE - Sharp object
  • BLAST - Pressure wave upon detonation
  • STONE - Rock at high speed

In order to be marked "RABS Approved", the screens must pass all of the following four tests. Using a RABS-classified solution satisfies personal protection requirements for work involving the risk of undetonated explosives, falling rocks and while quarrying. Hammerglass in a steel frame satisfies the RABS requirements.

R43 ECE Regulation No.43 (R43). A comprehensive series of tests for vehicle glass, including scratch protection, UV protection and elongation. Compulsory for all vehicles.
AXE Sharp object (EN 356, P8B), a test in which the screen withstands 72 blows from a machine-mounted axe, without the axe penetrating the glass.
BLAST Pressure wave upon detonation (EN 13124-2, EXR 2), a test in which 3 kg (6.6 lbs) TNT are detonated at a distance of 3 meters (9.8 feet) from a screen mounted in an approved steel frame. The screen is mounted in a steel frame so that they cannot be forced into the cab.
STONE Heavy objects at high speed (EN 15152-2), a test in which a 1 kg (2.2 lbs)aluminium projectile is propelled against the screen at a speed of 450 km/h (280 mph) and at an angle of 90 degrees thereto. Equivalent to a large rock propelled at high speed.
FOPS Falling Object Protective Structure/FOG Falling Object Guard (EN ISO 3449, ISO 10262, ISO 8083). A test where the system is frozen to -18°C, after which a 227 kg heavy steel cylinder is released from a height of 5.2 meters onto the window (corresponds to a force of 11,600 Joules).
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hammerglass automotive cabin rabs

Patented protection against detonations

The machinery operator should feel safe even if incidents should happen. The patented Hammerglass RABS-frame has been developed with a focus on maximising personal safety in tough environments.


Our specially developed system comprising a 12 mm Hammerglass screen bolted to a sturdy steel frame has undergone rigorous testing at SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden) and SMP (Swedish Machinery Testing Institute), and meets the requirements laid down in the RABS-classification.


In order to combat wear and tear from the windscreen wiper in extremely dusty and gravelly situations, as experienced in mines and quarries for example, the screen is provided with a ScreenSaver protective screen. The ScreenSaver screen also protects the windscreen in the RABS-frame against wear during hammering. The ScreenSaver screen is easily removed when not needed, and is easy to replace when worn out.


  • Brand-specific patented screens for commonly used machinery models
  • Delivered with a 12 mm Hammerglass screen in explosion tested steel frame, and a 4 mm ScreenSaver protective screen
  • Available with or without windscreen wipers

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hammerglass automotive cabin protection class 3

A - Hammerglass RABS-frame: 12 mm (0.47”) Hammerglass screen in explosion tested steel frame
B - ScreenSaver protective screen: 4 mm (0.16”) Hammerglass
C - Clamp frame: For ScreenSaver protective screen
D - Evacuation screen: 12 mm (0.47”) Hammerglass
E - Remaining screens: 12 mm Hammerglass

Protection Class 3 for maximum protection

If the machinery is used in really tough environments where there is a risk of flying stones, cast at high speed, or explosions on one side, powerful RABS-approved screens can be used around the entire cab to keep the driver safe. Protection Class 3 is the most complete protection class and is for work where there is considerable risk for the driver and vehicle. To achieve Protection Class 3, several protection criteria have to be fulfilled. Equip your vehicle in Protection Class 3 for maximum protection.


  • The front window has to be RABS approved, which means that the original front screen is replaced with a 12 mm (0.47”) Hammerglass screen fitted in an explosion tested steel frame.
  • All other screens in the cabin have to be at least 12 mm (0.47”) Hammerglass.
  • The cabin has to offer an escape exit via an escape screen. This has to be reachable by the driver in case of rock slides which close off all other exits. The escape exit also has to be openable from the outside.

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Installation of Hammerglass RABS-frame

Our installation movies describe the basic principles for installation. Installation procedure differs between vehicle types, make and models.

With every Hammerglass screen and RABS-frame a detailed and specific installation instruction is provided. Read this before the assembly begins!


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