Bus shelters

Most transport companies have major problems with broken glass in their weather protection facilities. In some bus shelters the glass has to be changed several times a year. Hammerglass AB offers unbreakable, permanent weather protection solutions for bus shelters, station platform shelters, open air public spaces and the like.  The embarrassment of broken glass following acts of vandalism, the high cost of clearing up the resulting mess and the replacement of broken panes with heavy and hard-to-handle glass panels – all of these problems are eliminated.  When it comes to graffiti, marker tags or other soiling, most known detergents and chemicals can be used to clean up without the Hammerglass panels being damaged.

Minimal maintenance

Waiting for the bus in a run-down bus shelter feels distinctly unsafe and unpleasant, and furthermore it’s often wet and windy too. Angry and disgruntled travellers have expended acres of column inches in the ‘letters’ pages of newspapers and have written thousands of direct letters to transport operators about this very problem. Replacing broken glass is most expensive. The use of Hammerglass in problem areas will make broken glass a thing of the past, and minimize the maintenace costs. After only ONE replacement of glass there is no difference in cost between Hammerglass and toughened glass. Changing over to Hammerglass in exposed situations is an investment, not a cost.

Anti-scratch film stops vandals

In certain areas it is almost impossible to keep the glass in bus shelters free from scratched graffiti or acid attacks. Glass etching is a relatively new type of damage which is usually known as ‘scratchiti’. The vandals make use of everything from stones and keys to special needles and even acid to leave their ‘tags’. The result is spoilt panels. SafeCoat anti-scratch film is a simple way of reducing the costs of this type of vandalism. The thickness and three-layer structure make the laminate resistant to scratching, etching and physical impact and thus protect the underlying surface.  The vandals fail to notice that there is a protective film on top of the glass. Thanks to the special adhesive used, the film can be easily replaced after an attack at little expense.

Decorate with a variety of colours

Hammerglass sheets are flexible and can be appropriately shaped to fit into curved profiles, for example in vaulted roofs. Panels may also be screen-printed, normally with an opal print, to prevent birds from flying into them. This technique also allows for printing in four colours, which offers limitless scope for customised design. Weather protection panels can be provided with municipal coats of arms, or patterns which are repeated at regular intervals. With larger series of panels there is the possibility of producing colour-impregnated Hammerglass. A printed or colour-impregnated Hammerglass panel with LED-illumination provides an attractive focal point of light in the night darkness.

Design and installation

Bring us into your discussions! Our designers can help with drawings and suggestions for functional solutions. We will be happy to erect demonstration panels at a heavily discounted price for trial installation of Hammerglass wherever it may be needed.

  • Clear view of the surroundings
  • 300 times stronger than glass
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Simple graffiti removal
  • Minimal maintenance